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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Third and Grove is an award-winning digital agency of innovators, producers, designers, and engineers. We specialize in ecommerce and building Drupal sites. We are Acquia partners, Salesforce partners, Magento Partners, partners, and Drupal Association Members. Our offices are located in San Francisco, Boston, and Barcelona. We are multilingual and work in various sectors.

Examples of our work:

See more of our award-winning work on our site.

Drupal contributions

We invest heavily back into Drupal: We hired catch to exclusively work on core.

We rebuilt and released the Drupal connector module.

We have contributed a number of modules back to the community and a lot of patches. Most recently we released a Magento integration module for product and customer data. I'm not sure how to get a patch count, but we regularly patch modules and submit them to d.o issue queues, and follow all best practices around this.

Read more about this in our Definitive Guide to Drupal + Magento Ecommerce Integration. We pioneered a bi-directional, high-performing integration that gives our clients a flexible, customized experience.

Contributed modules:

  • Droptor
  • Reverse Proxy Check
  • Whammy Bar
  • Textmarks API Integration
  • Content Finder
  • User Scheduled Delete
  • Views data export
  • Form API Validation
  • Magento Integration
  • Field collection

Projects supported

Content Image Hotspots, Apachesolr GetSatisfaction, Toolbar Sandbox, Purecloud, Tune Up, Hybris Drupal Integration, Node Theme Picker, Revision Snip, GlobalLink Connect, Media CKEditor Integration, FullCalendar API, Cache Bypass Path, Personalize Pages, Element, Personalize Panels, User Scheduled Delete, Reverse Proxy Check, Whammy Bar, Content Finder, Textmarks API Integration

Credited on 36 issues fixed in the past 3 months