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Extending User module information


I am trying to extend the user information in the profile.module. Currently, I can't see the setting table in the Site configuration -- There is no profile tab ? Can somebody please help? Should I extend user.module ?

I am using Drupal 4.0 on W2k with PhpTriad.

Creating New Details Field


Additional fields for stories/blogs


I've been looking through Drupal and particularly like the way the profile module works. I was wondering if there was a module in development (or perhaps already created?) that allows you to assign extra pieces of data to be created alongside stories/blogs. Basically, what I'm thinking of is a way that users can submit things such as their mood/what they're listening to and other things like that with their posts.

I'm looking for a way to have the xml from parsed onto my blog; and even possibly to hook it on to the details of geourl ( ), so people who already have the geourl data in their site, can easily hook that on. Any tips?

Google module

It seems that the very promising Google module's development is dead. The module was build directly after Google API's were opened and was - at that time - state of the art.

However, we only scratched the possibilities of Google's potential. I can think of a dozen ways how we could (re)use the API within drupal. Is anyone able and willing to take this project again?

BTW: The module was never released within the drupal site but is still available at: natrak

seeking help porting LiquidClassifiedsXML to Drupal

I'm looking for help in porting LiquidClassifiedsXML 1.0.1 to Drupal. I can't offer any money, but I have some things like an old computer or an old Canon S300 printer that I can give away to express my gratitude to someone who produces a something ready for use with Drupal (provided that the shipping cost isn't too huge; practically speaking, this offer is limited to residents of the 48 contiguous states of the U.S.).


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