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JQuery plugin works fine in static html but has no effect on drupal page

I don't even know where to begin to debug this, but the following static html page works just fine, and the progress bar under the image raises with the jquery animation to replicate a thermometer.. But the exact same thing on drupal does not work.. nothing happens. What can be the difference? The jquery and plugin is loaded in the header in both cases, and the page has the same div structure fr the element.. What it appears to me is that the jquery .animate() function doesnt work when its on the dynamic drupal page.. huh

Best image gallerie modules Drupal 7

Hi everyone,

I'm new in Drupal and I would like to know which are the best image gallerie modules for Drupal 7.
My requirement is:
- No watermarks

Can someon help me please?

Thanks in advanced

Can't select multiple files for upload via IMCE

I'm using IMCE in D7 and it works fine with the exception that it doesn't allow for multi-file selection (no Ctrl-click or Shift-click). I have also installed the IMCE, IMCE Uploader and Plupload modules.

Has anyone come across this before and/or have a solution/workaround? The documentation for IMCE would indicate that multi-file select is a native feature in IMCE.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Problem installing Soundmanager2 with Push Tape

I am very new to this and I am having problems following directions for installing Soundmanager2. My objective is to get Push tape functional on the website. Help please someone? version 7 of drupal.

Date Conceptual Filtering Views Module

these days i have a problem and i searched many ways to find my answer but nothing is founded.


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