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Translation issue

I have issue with translation in odd way.

I use entity translation and I got everything translated (nodes, blocks). However, I use Block Subtitle module to extend default Drupal block output. Now, I have problem with translating that "Subtitle" field. It allows me to translate Block title, but not that extra subtitle field for which I use mentioned module.

Anyone knows how to handle this issue?

I'm new to Drupal.

Thanks in advance.

Query related to theme translation


I have created a new theme in Drupal 7. I have given some text (string) directly in my page.tpl.php file. How can I translate this text?

Thanks in advance.

Path issues with i18n view that returns nodes of multiple languages

Looking to return mixed language content in single view, with corresponding links using path.
Example: /fr/french-content, and /english-content instead of /fr/english-content (which 404s as it is not translated and never will be)

Multilingual views and "title" module with views_get_view_result()

I display some views by using the views_get_view_result('view_name', 'display_id') function.

I have a multilingual site and when I switch from DE to EN everything translates fine (even the content of the view results). Except the (node) title of the results which always stays in the original language of the node.

I use entity translation and the module "title" (version Title 7.x-1.0-alpha7+14-dev, 2015-Mär-23) which transforms the node title into a field which makes it translatable.

Translated banner overlay text has no option to choose color font size etc

I created this banner for US language
I translated it and changed the banner image

But in usa banner edit option of overlay text I have font color , font size ,opacity etc option.But in the other language i translated there is no options.

Thanks in advance.

Problem with Multilingual Content!

Hello everyone! I have an issue with multilingual basic page content on my drupal site. I started tranlating my content, but now it displays this:
on every page. Is there any way to deactivate this? I've searched for hours now, but haven't found any option to turn it off.


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