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Problem displaying the front page in multilingual site

After a lot of trouble and googling I finally got the translation of my German site into English working (I use the "old" Content Translation method under D7). The only major issue left now before going into production is that I cannot get Drupal to display my German and English front pages. I keep getting the error message "You don't have permission to access /de/ on this server" (.../en/...) results in the same error.

Commerce Kickstart Order history translation

Please help me,

I´m building no-English e-shop with commerce kickstart and I´m stucked with Order history tab.
I can´t find what should I change to translate values in type column, I didn´t found even where the options are listed.
Also I don´t know how to translate description. I found some strings and rewrote most of the phrase "Status has been set to @order_status (previously: @order_status_previous)" but after tokens are replaced with appropriate values there is the word Checkout which resists all my attempts to translate (or locate and rewrite).

Translation fallback / no translation

I’m running a Drupal 8 page with translations. Works good so far.
But I do have some pages that won't be translated, there are just available in one (the main) language.

The problem is, I see those not translated pages and menu items from the main language in my secondary language.
How do I fix this?

For Drupal you could do this with Entity Translation and there was a setting, but since it’s core, I can't find anything similar to it.

Tranlating Content in D7

I followed Ben Tedder's video, showing a Basic Page translation with a menu link. However, in my case switching languages using the language switcher block doesn't work: it keeps showing the translation which was the last one made. The language switcher itself DOES switch from one language (German is the default) to the other (English). Any ideas?
H. Stoellinger

How to translate menu link lables in Drupal 8?

I've tested the new configuration translation system, but I don't understand how I can manage to translate the menu links that I've added.

This is what I've done:
- Installed Drupal 8.1.0-rc1
- Enabled configuration translation
- Add spanish language
- Add 2 links to the main navigation menu: "Link 1" and "Link 2"
- After I go to configuration translation and try to translate the main menu, this path:
- But there I can only translate the Main menu lable and description.

Metatag node tab title translation not working


I'm using metatag 7.x-1.7+57-dev and i18n 7.x-1.13+1-dev versions and entity translation module to translate nodes.
Its not showing translations for node tab title, meta description and keywords.

print render($page['content']['metatags']);

doesn't help as well


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