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LTR and RTL within one page in Drupal 7

Dear. Help.

I need to publish content in Arabic (RTL) in an English main language site made with Drupal 7. When I post Arabic content I have the text displayed ltr instead of rtl!
what I did :
- Installed drupal 7.36
- Installed Internationalization module
- enabled Arabic, but English is the default
- used the default them
- created a Page where I pasted arabic text into the body field in the content form

But the text still not rendering rtl!

body field and other fields are not getting Translatted


I am user drupal 7.31.
I have working site in English, it has 80 pages with several views.
Now i want it to in hindi language.

I am following this tutorial.

HowTo: Basic Internationalization setup

Nothing has been translated so far, only Built-in interface is getting translated.

I don't know how to attach screen shot here.

Title on Frontpage of Day and Night Theme is not translated


I'm trying to use the Day and Night theme for my home page.
I'm also using translation.
This works fine, except for the titles of the articles/basic pages on the homepage. The titles are still in the original language while in the article/basic page itself it has a translation.

Am I forgetting something ?


after submit page return to default language

after submit page return to default language - i have three language in my website and when i choose a language its ok but when i click on submit (search view ) the result is a page return to default language , i appreciate your help

Login page


I have launched this week this website

It has been developed in three languages. One of the issues that I found is related to the popup window that emerge when you click to login or signup. I couldn't find the way to show the right popup language page because even if you have selected English the popup window will show you Portuguese (which is the default language for the site).

I don't know if there is something that I have to modified here:

Add other language ISO codes


How can one add nl-be easily to the lang attribute? Now it is only possible to set for Dutch this default to nl?

Thanks for any help in advance?


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