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D8: Same URL for multi-lingual pages

I am a newbie trying to build a website using Drupal 8.
I have created a "Contact Us" page in English. URL of the said page is - http://my_ip_address/Contact

I have created another "Contact Us" page in Hindi language. Its URL is - http://my_ip_address/hi/Contact

Instead of this URL, I want to display it as - http://my_ip_address/Contact
for the Hindi language page as well. ie I want to remove the .../hi/... part.

But the URL alias option does not permit me to use same Alias twice.

Drupal 8 multi-country/multi-language


I quite new to Drupal 8 but I have a question with regards to multi-language/multi-country for a website.
The website in question should have different content for different countries and multi languages for each country.
What do you think would be the best approach to do this within Drupal 8 environment.

Thanks for the feedback

How to translate Paragraphs fields with i18n?

I am using the Drupal 7 with i18n which is working excellent. Going one step further, how can I translate paragraphs fields and paragraphs bundles? I am unable to find any documentation about multilanguage support for the paragraphs module?

How to add language element in custom form with multi-lingual support

I want to add language element in form for multilingual support and accessed in submit handler and saved into database.

Here is my custom module file

how can i fix this ?

anyone who knows how i can fix this ...
any help is much appreciated

How to translate a custom module data?

I have a custom module which is used to insert the data related employees but i need to translate that data into hindi language as well but i didn't know how can i do that as other content type automatically have translate tab where data can be inserted in different different languages. can anyone help me how can translate my custom module data. Here is my custom module file:


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