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addressfield translation and search API

Having a custom entity type containing an addressfield with field translation enabled I need to be able to do a fulltext search for the country and city, i.e. "Austria" or "Österreich"/"Vienna" or "Wien".

I created a multilingual search index with search API entity translation on the entity type but only the translated addressfield is not indexed:

Multilingual ID: 30/en
Label: 101
Country (indexed): Austria
Locality (i.e. City) (indexed): Vienna

Should be indexed:

Translating menu toggle

Forgive me if this has been posted before.

I'm translating my site (English/Spanish) and I can't seem to get the menu toggle or menu items to translate when viewed on small screens (the breakpoint is 460px).

Any ideas on how to do this?

I'm not a coder, so bear with me!

Path to translation

Hello, this seems trivial but I did not find an answer online so far.

I have a multilingual site (German/french). How do I find the url path for the german version when I am on any of the french pages ( all are translated) . Fot exemple on the french page I need to find the path to the german version of this page

Thanx for your help


drupal 8 : Adjust weight for menu items in different languages

My site will be in English and Arabic. English reads from left to right and Arabic from right to left. Drupal 8 works great with this if you enable all 4 multilingual extentions.

The only problem I have is that I translated the main menu, but I can't find how I can add a different weight to the separate menu items, this since I want the menu to be mirrored on Arabic.

If you go to the separate menu items you can add a weight but above it it is written: Weight (all languages)

How can I adjust the weight per language per item?

Unable to translate a string because other strings are saved too.

I want to translate 1 string.

When i search for it, other strings show up too. When i change the string i want, Drupal says that i can't use HTML strings. But they are only on the other strings that show up too. Not in the one that i want to translate.

See screenshot for detailed example:

How can i just edit the string "Submit" without saving other strings.

Thank you!

translate Menu drupal 8.3.2

Good mornning ,
I have problem in translate Weight (all languages ) in menu
poids (toutes les langues )


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