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Drupal 8 multilingual module issue

I have been trying to make the multilingual module in a 8.5.3 core Drupal site work. I have two languages in the site, English and Greek (Greek is the default language) and have translated a Story item, initially in Greek language, into English and the problem I have is that both translations of the Story article are displayed on the front page when I either click the 'English' link of the language switcher, or the 'Greek' link. 

I would appreciate any tips.

TMGMT Continuous Job's

I'm quite new on Drupal and I'm having the following problem and I don't know if it is meant to work this way or not.

The nodes are submitted right when they are created.

1. Create continuous job (english to german).

2. Create node. It is submitted and has pending state.

3. Create continuous job (english to french), so now we have two continuous jobs.

4. Create node. It has pending to both german and french translations.

5. Retrieve translations with a cron run.

Translatable "managed_file" in block


Is it possible to have a Translatable "managed_file" in block? The goal is to have a different file per lang. 
More precisely, what is the type to put in mapping ?:

Thanks for your response :)

  type: block_settings
      type: text_format
      label: 'Text'
      type: text
      label: 'Url'
      type: ???

How to set user id in link tags?


I'm trying to configure a certain status message in my translation in admin panel: /admin/config/regional/translate

When a user, which the admin added first, logs in on the site, I want to have a message, with a link in it, which redirects him to /user/id/edit. Sinc the user id changes dependent on logged in user, how can I achive this in the translation?

Deleting Content Translation

I used both Content Translation and Entity Translation for one content type and i am having problem now. I can't translate the content. When i changed one the other one also changes to the similar text. I guess i need to delete Content Translation of that content type but i don't know how to do.

Menu item translation attributes are shared

I just discovered that the Attributes section's values are shared among a menu item for all of its translations.

Path in CMS: Home | Administration | Structure | Menus | Item | 59 | Edit menu | link

I started with English for a menu item.  If I try to make the EN have the Class value of "abcdef", it then shows that class for ES.  If I remove it from ES, it disappears from EN.  I need it to be different for the two translations of the one menu item.


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