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Keeping selected interface language when linking to untranslated content from a view

Hi All!
Sorry for a very long query - I tried to make it as short as possible but it's rarely possible with the i18n related stuff :(

Drupal 8 - Linkit - Multilanguage site - No link to other languajes

I have a portal in 2 languages.

I have installed the module Linkit to be able to link texts with contents of my web.

By using the Linkit module, and linking to a content, links it to the main content, in the main language, it does not maintain the current navigation language or the Backend's editing language.

How could this be solved?

Thanks and best regards.

Translation: YAML FORMS

Where to translate YAML Form.

Made a Form-Template, then a copy and attached it to a node.
Now i need to translate the form content.

There is no Translations-Tab in the Form-Setting.
Do i need more Configuration?
Could someone send me a path where to find the Translation-Page?

Thanks and greetings

Get taxonomy vocabulary/terms in custom language (Drupal 8.2)


I have a Drupal 8 site with 2 languages : english (by default) and french.

I have a taxonomy vocabulary called 'job_list' with categories of jobs

I want retreive the translated value of field 'name'. But when I use the code below in my theme functions 'theme_preprocess_views_view_unformatted', it only return the value in default language (ex : Programmer and not Programmeur).

[Solved] Translated content duplicate on a view (with choosen language )



I just created a new drupal website.
I added the translation module, added the language switcher block in my sidebar module and added my content translation in my 3 added languages (English, French and Spanish).

Everything looks perfect BUT in my list view I see 3 times the same node content for a selected language.

I try to change my translation view parameters but I keep 3 times the same content (translated or not in the same language).

Deleted language ghost content

I started to set a site main config with French as default language and English as a supplementary language. Then I wanted to reverse the language priority with English as default and French as supplementary. But in D8, it seems there's no way to change a site config language source and in my case, it remains hard coded to French. I even tried to completely remove the French language, but the config language source keeps showing French even if the language doesn't exist anymore, cf screenshot.


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