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Views title is not in the correct language translation

I'm running the latest version of Drupal Commerce and am using Entity Translation instead of the i18n module for translating content. Long story short, I'm trying to get a content listing similar to the one I had when using the i18n module. To clear up what I am saying, I want to see every translation for all entities in my content listing page like I used to be able to do with the i18n module.

Activating the rules-scheduler module

I tried to activate the the rules-scheduler module I get the following error message

Hide content in another language

I building my website with drupal 8 and my website is multilingual.
My question is are there way to prevent showing a node that not translated?

I mean i have a node for example node/1 it shown in localhost/node/1 and my default website language is English how can i prevent shown it in Italian Language in localhost/it/node/1.

Or non translated menu item don't shown on Italian Language.

I hope that I got the idea.

Title page using Taxonomy


I'm making a website with 9 languages. I have a page of products, but had to use the taxonomy to add the terms.

I think I made the mistake of choosing "Locate. Terms are common for all languages, but Their name and description may be localized." I say this because now the title of the page appears in English in all languages, see the link:

How can I fix this?

Thanks for help.

Best Regards.

Remove localization url's (like /it, /es) after disabling i18 modules

Hi guys, I have a drupal site that used to be in 3 laguages (english, italian and romanian) and when I choosed one of the languages I was getting redirected to the language specific URL, for example
Now I have disabled all the internationalization modules, since i changed my mind and I will be using the site only in english language, but google webmaster gives me lots of URL Errors, they are all links from specific removed languages,
Is there a way to remove these dead links that are not useful?
Thank you.

date format for Urdu language

Hi everybody!
I want to know how to translate or modify date format for Urdu language. I have enabled all four multilingual modules all works fine just need little help with date formats. I want to write day and month names in Urdu. Thanks in advance....


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