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need Module for translate my content

any module which can translate my content based on user locations?

a module which works like Transposh Translation Filter Wordpress plugin.(translate my content in all language and indexed in google)

Custom Block Fields Translation

Hello everybody,

I have created a custom block using a custom module in D7 and I want to make one of the fields translatable. I have tried using the Block i18n Config module, but it doesn't seem to work in my case.

Is there anyone who has succeeded in making a custom block translatable?

Thank you in advance for your time!

languages not change - translation with entity

Hi does anybody has same problem?
I'm doing translation of site with entity and drupal 7. Only two languages (italian and english)
I have tranlate a couple of pages, menu and taxonomy.
Now i want to translate some more pages and the language switcher in editing is not working. 
Shows italian language without possibility of change it in english. 
How can I fix this?

action in view not translated


in admin/people :

the actions concerning role are not translated :

Add the "X" role to the selected user(s)

Remove the "X" role to the selected user(s)

When I go to admin/config/regional/translate

Add the @label role to the selected user has a good string??

How to redirect anonimous users according to a cookie?

Hi, i am a noob developer from Turkey and learning Drupal 8. I search everywhere but couldn't find. I am tring to keep track of language choise of anonimous users and store this choise in the cookie but i stucked on drupal cache. Next time when user comes to my site again i want to redirct user to appropriate url. Could you direct me to correct documantation or help me?

How to use XML Sitemap for translations


on my site i use translations (en, fr, gb, en, de) and everything works great. Every language has his own Domain, but for "de/german" i have two Domains (*.at and *.de).  How can i generate for each of them a sitemap with XML Sitemap? I need it for Google Search Console.

Thanks for helping!


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