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How to force menu paths to remain language-neutral

If I am on a page like, then all menu items on the page will include the "es" part of the path, so the user remains on spanish-translated pages when they click on menu links. Clearly that's by design, and makes sense for most sites. However, in my case, I need the menu to always display language-neutral paths, even when the user is looking at a spanish-language page. How can I achieve that?

call web service in custom module while deleting translation job in TMGMT

i am using a custom module for translation. so when deleting translation job in tmgmt module, at that time i want to call a function that call web service and tells me that this translation job is deleted from drupal. what will i do . Please any one help me

Where twig string are translated? Where can i add translation for my translatable strings?

In twig we can use {{ 'Hello Earth.'|t }} to mark this text as translatable (so i added several of these to my custom twig template). But if i have multiple languages, where can i actually add translation to 'Hello Earth' for other languages? I cannot find it in admin. For example i tried to enable 'Interface Translation' module in MULTILINGUAL section, then i cleared all cache, then i go to Configuration -> User interface translation but i don't see my strings in the list! Please help!

Translation in french doesn't work in drupal7

We are using drupal in French and English language. By default language is French.

But when we try to convert it to English at front end using "Locale" module, Translation did not work.

We have tried below functionality but it also didnt help.

Can you tell us what we have to do?

Thank you in advance.

Translate String Back to Default Language

So, the t() function is great for translating a string from the default language into a different language. If a multilingual site's default language is English, and we're viewing it in Spanish, this:


will give us "perro."


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