For translating the Drupal user interface.
See also the Translations Group on

multilanguage sites

Do you think this system fits these requirements: 1) Ability to support Chinese (both), Japanese and Korean languages. 2) Easily translate from English to those languages within the one interface.

How to report a wrong translation.


I noticed a wrong translation (note to self: "devis" instead of "citer" for "quote" in Advanced forum when the quote module is enabled for forum topics).
Ideally, I would like to 1) correct it 2) make sure my correction is reported to the translation servers.
What shall I do, install? Thanks.

"Add translation" link on a multidomain and multilanguage site.

Since we decided to have one language for each domain instead of having prefixed url, it's been hard to translate content because we have to be logged in each different domain.

The "add translation" link, in the tranlate tab, links to a different domain depending on the language.

Is any way to avoid to change the domain and relog in in each domain, go back to the content, click on translate again, etc, every time we click on "add translation" link?

I know we can keep the session active for each domain, but sometimes we prefere to logout from the admin account.

Error when trying to set prefix for English language


I am working on a Drupal website on my localhost. I'm working in Drupal 7. I have enabled two languages (English and Dutch) and two domains ( and On the domain I have set Dutch as the default domain with the domain locale module. Now starts with the Dutch language and starts with the English language. Which is good.

Filter a views by language

I have a views that I would like to filter by language, but some nodes are translated and others not.

When I change language is possible to display the translated node or the default language for nodes that are not still translated without duplicates?

Thank you in advance.

Webform response translation

Is it possible in any way to translate the webform responses you get back from a user, back to English say from Spanish? If they fill out the webform fields in another language, possible to translate them back to English?

Thank you.


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