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Schema Compare -- l10n_status: not in database

I run Drupal 7.54 (Linux-Debian 8) with loads of additional modules installed, default language German. Most of my stuff is also translated into English. When running the Schema Compare report, it reports a number of discrepancies between the definitions in the schema (install.php) and tables in the MySQL drupal database. Among them is module locale, where I get the message mentioned in the Subject, concerning table locales_target. I wonder how I can correct this situation. Thanks in advance for any hints.
H. Stoellinger, Salzburg, Austria

Translated fields not showing up in the CMS/front end

After successfully translating a content type to French, I went about translating its fields. I tested one and its translated form showed up in the CMS/front end.
Next I went about translating 3 more fields, none of which showed up until I cleared the Drupal cache. After translating 3 more fields, they didn't show up so I tried clearing the Drupal cache again, and now NONE of my translated fields are showing up (including the initially successful one). Is there something about this process I'm missing?

Twig Translation String without Enabling Interface Translation

Is it possible to provide translation strings to Twig, without the Interface Translation module enabled?

We have Content Translation enabled but do not want to enable Interface translation (we would like the Drupal administration menu system to remain in English).

We have a couple of landing pages that base most of their content on a translated entity however, there are still a few labels and links we would like to translate using {{ 'foo'|t }} in Twig.

Is this possible? And if so - where would the translation stings be stored?

how to change image on a translated block


I'm trying to figure out how to change an image on a translated block.
I'm using i18n. I thought it would be simple, just to hit the update translation button after changing my image, but no result.
Even when i hit "translate" on the translate block area, its not working. I've cleared caches, and no result.

Could anybody give me some help?

Duplicated nodes of thew view

I created a view, that is simple page containing nodes of a specific content type.

It had worked before I started to translate nodes. I added a new translation for my node and now I have duplicated entries of the same node displayed on the page.

I have solved this problem for one view with just enabling aggregation.

But with this one it doesn't work.


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