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Where twig string are translated? Where can i add translation for my translatable strings?

In twig we can use {{ 'Hello Earth.'|t }} to mark this text as translatable. But if i have multiple languages, where can i actually add translation to 'Hello Earth' for other languages? I cannot find it in admin. For example i tried to enable 'Interface Translation' module in MULTILINGUAL section, then i cleared all cache, then i go to Configuration -> User interface translation but i don't see my string in the list! Please help!

Translation in french doesn't work in drupal7

We are using drupal in French and English language. By default language is French.

But when we try to convert it to English at front end using "Locale" module, Translation did not work.

We have tried below functionality but it also didnt help.

Can you tell us what we have to do?

Thank you in advance.

Translate String Back to Default Language

So, the t() function is great for translating a string from the default language into a different language. If a multilingual site's default language is English, and we're viewing it in Spanish, this:


will give us "perro."

View of translations of a node

Hello, I'm trying to achieve a sort of views slideshow that has a field (the body) cycle in each translated version.
For example: node 123 has the body translation in english, french, italian, german. The slideshow should have the four different body translation cycle.
But I'm having some troubles into getting this achieved. It it possible?

Translation of "Tags:"

I assign taxonomy flags to my articles in my Drupal 7 website.
Whenever an article is displayed on my website, the visitor finds at the end of each article a list of all tags, which had been assigned to this article. This is of great help for the visitor to find more articles with the same tags.
Question: I'm looking for a way, that the English word "Tags:" at the beginning of the list
Tags: ...
is translated to the corresponding German term.

LTR and RTL within one page in Drupal 7

Dear. Help.

I need to publish content in Arabic (RTL) in an English main language site made with Drupal 7. When I post Arabic content I have the text displayed ltr instead of rtl!
what I did :
- Installed drupal 7.36
- Installed Internationalization module
- enabled Arabic, but English is the default
- used the default them
- created a Page where I pasted arabic text into the body field in the content form

But the text still not rendering rtl!


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