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Translatable "managed_file" in block


Is it possible to have a Translatable "managed_file" in block? The goal is to have a different file per lang. 
More precisely, what is the type to put in mapping ?:

Thanks for your response :)

  type: block_settings
      type: text_format
      label: 'Text'
      type: text
      label: 'Url'
      type: ???

How to set user id in link tags?


I'm trying to configure a certain status message in my translation in admin panel: /admin/config/regional/translate

When a user, which the admin added first, logs in on the site, I want to have a message, with a link in it, which redirects him to /user/id/edit. Sinc the user id changes dependent on logged in user, how can I achive this in the translation?

Deleting Content Translation

I used both Content Translation and Entity Translation for one content type and i am having problem now. I can't translate the content. When i changed one the other one also changes to the similar text. I guess i need to delete Content Translation of that content type but i don't know how to do.

Menu item translation attributes are shared

I just discovered that the Attributes section's values are shared among a menu item for all of its translations.

Path in CMS: Home | Administration | Structure | Menus | Item | 59 | Edit menu | link

I started with English for a menu item.  If I try to make the EN have the Class value of "abcdef", it then shows that class for ES.  If I remove it from ES, it disappears from EN.  I need it to be different for the two translations of the one menu item. 500 error

When I want to add a translation on via the "Missing strings?" option (which appears when filtering), I get a 500 server error. It can be reproduced by going to e.g:

And clicking the "Missing strings?" link. Consequently the following error is given:

Get Color code of site settings


I want to get the color codes that is set by theme settings color scheme

I want this color code in my file to use in custom theme.

Anyone can help how can we get these color settings in my file. using drupal 8

I used get_theme_settings but only getting zero in return please anyone suggest how we can do this.


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