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Same language, different countries - most content should be shared, but not all

I have spent the day hunting these forums and Google and have found some posts that mention a similar issue to my own but have not yet been able to locate one that provides a final solution. I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

I am planning a site that will have the following country-specific sites hosted within the same Drupal install –

301 Redirect for GERMAN only, all other languages fine!

I'm having a horribly frustrating problem with my Drupal site!
Anonymous users cannot see or access German, but all other languages are fine. I've re-saved, cleared caches, checked .htaccess, added another language after adding German (in case its a problem for the last in line..).

Nothing helps!! Wasted a whole day trying to figure this out. Deleted it, re-added it, updated it... Still the same problem.

When I disable a language (any language), it would give a 404.. Then re-enabling it, 200 OK except for DE which goes back to "301".

Translating tags (Taxonomoy)

I am developing a bilingual Drupal website. Is there any way to translate the tags of an article?

For example article1 has three tags in default language (English) 'task, work, hard', I want to see the tags as 'opus, operis, dura' when I changed the language of website to Latin.

How can I manage it?

Thanks In Advance

Multilanguage content Problem

I created a forum topic that contains Arabic text fortunately not displaying after i preview it ....Any solution to it????

Content translation links work, Language switcher doesn't


I've successfully been able to translate my content and can toggle between languages with the content translation links. However the language switcher block doesn't change anything. When I use my language switcher on my homepage, which has translated content on it, my page will go from to www.example/com/ja but the Japanese translations don't appear -- everything is still in English (unless I use the translation links.)

Translation of views url in glossary mode

So, I got a view listing a specific content type and I have a contextual filter applied in glossary mode to filter out titles beginning with a specific letter. The view itself works great when switching from english to swedish (used i18n page view and path translation) but as soon as I apply a letter after the view url to use the contextual filter it won't work anymore. I've done a similar view that utilize a contextual filter based on taxonomy term, as the terms are translated themselves this works great, but in the glossary mode I can't seem to find a way to do it.


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