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Language Switcher doesn't “strike”/disable links in untranslated nodes/pages Drupal 8

In Drupal 7 language switcher block used to disable/strike untranslated language links, but it does not work that way in Drupal 8. for example if I go to language switcher dose not disable/strike untranslated language links. any solution? thanks

Language switcher block in Drupal 8

I have a two language Drupal 8 site, en, sv and have enabled the language switcher block. The block show up on all single pages but it do not showing if I have a view list. The view appears in the selected language, but the Language Switcher Block do not show.

Hope someone can give me some help on this.


Language issue: Drupal + Twitterfeed

Hello, Folks.

I have a bilingual Drupal instalation at and I am trying to integrate it with Twitterfeed ( ) for posting automation in social media.

It´s worked almost fine: the automations runs ok and twitterfeed posted in time, as planned. The problem is that I have english and portuguese version for each article in the blog. Each language has your own RSS feed and Twitterfeed read both and post both.

Too many redirects for multilingual site and HTTPS protocol

Hi, I'm looking for a solution for our website that has been translated into 7 languages:

We recently changed our domain name twice in the last 2 years and moved to the HTTPS protocol this year.

For these changes we are using 301 redirects, However the Google bot does not like to many redirects and a Drupal multilingual site already hops twice. In our case:

steps for how to translate the select list

hello guys i found the solution for how to translate a select list in a views after a lot of searching follow this steps and i hope that's will work
step 1: translate the select list in (structure/content types/Manage fields) and translate the options there.
step 2: go to (structure/content types/Manage display)and change the format for the select list from default to default translated .
step 3: go to the view and change the old content in FILTER CRITERIA to the new content the translated one .

by this steps the select list will be translate ;)


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