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Dynamic Migrate Content Translations from Drupal 7 Service API in JSON to Drupal 8

We are doing the content migration from Drupal 7 (REST API) to Drupal 8 using migrate, migrate_plus & migrate_tools modules.

We successfully migrated translated content using different migrate yml files for each languages by giving the source selector specified to the array index from the Drupal 7 source JSON API.

Is there any option currently available to do a single migrate yml file to migrate all shore site(Drupal 7) content with translations as per the specific languages in the each ship site ?

Resolving routes into their aliases stored in content

Is there a way to resolve routes into their aliases stored in content?

For example, is it possible to output something like <a href="/node/100">Hello world</a> stored in a content body into:
<a href="/en/content/hello-world">Hello world</a>

I looked around for text format filters but couldn't find one that do this job...

We can translations "Title , Description" in path "/forum"? Drupal 8

I can not translations "Title , Description" in path "/forum"?

Schema Compare -- l10n_status: not in database

I run Drupal 7.54 (Linux-Debian 8) with loads of additional modules installed, default language German. Most of my stuff is also translated into English. When running the Schema Compare report, it reports a number of discrepancies between the definitions in the schema (install.php) and tables in the MySQL drupal database. Among them is module locale, where I get the message mentioned in the Subject, concerning table locales_target. I wonder how I can correct this situation. Thanks in advance for any hints.
H. Stoellinger, Salzburg, Austria

Translated fields not showing up in the CMS/front end

After successfully translating a content type to French, I went about translating its fields. I tested one and its translated form showed up in the CMS/front end.
Next I went about translating 3 more fields, none of which showed up until I cleared the Drupal cache. After translating 3 more fields, they didn't show up so I tried clearing the Drupal cache again, and now NONE of my translated fields are showing up (including the initially successful one). Is there something about this process I'm missing?


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