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Anyone ever successfully import from CSV to create nodes in Drupal 8?

Hi All,

I desperately need a module like 'CSV importer' to create some nodes by importing from CSV or Excel files. I am surprise to see only one module, feeds, is actively handle such a common task. Unfortunately there is a BIG warning in feeds' setting page, saying that it is still not ready for CSV file.

Anyone has some kind of feasible way to import data from CSV or Excel to create nodes? Thank you very much if you would like to share some information.


Dynamic Views cache


We must find a method so that a view list can be updated, without waiting cache flush, when the status or field value of one of its content has changed.
Therefore the view has to be directly impacted during the submission of the node.
Of course, the cache of the website has to remain enable.

Thank's for your help.

Is there any way to validate webform submissions uploaded in xls form?

I created a module that allows me to import webform submissions in xls form. But I can't control my submissions with my webform conditions so I need help.

Rule module send email

I have set up a rule triggered by node publish, however the email sending is 5 -20 mins delay. Is that any way I could let the email sending out quick as instant?

Or I have to hood the form submission? The reason for using the rule is because I could use input filters.

Many thanks!

The D8 command line interface faction may destroy Drupal

The faction of D8 developers who insist on requiring that their contrib modules (and depend libraries) be installed by command line interface (CLI) utilities such as the composer utility only, may eventually destroy Drupal's future as a whole, by alienating the larger audience of potential Drupal users.


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