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Best way to 301 re-direct 400 of my 1000 websites pages?

I want to fix the silo structure of my websites urls to make them more seo friendly.

This will involve 301 re-directing about 400 existing pages to 400 new pages i'll be creating with better seo friendly urls. I will also be setting the canonical urls of the old pages to point to the new ones.

What's the best plugin to create so many 301 re-directs?

About D8 what is your plan ?


You have a site built with Drupal 6 or 7, do you plan to migrate to Drupal 8 ?

What is the best time to begin development of a site on Drupal 8 (including an intranet with management tools) ?

Thank you

Suggest me

I am trying to build a website for my customers.
Any suggestions to any module that can handle information stored in a database on the server?(make queries)
Thank u in advance.

A site like this

Is drupal capable to create a site like this ?

Register users - bot spam

Hi. I have problem with most of my registered users - bots :) I have discovered that I had tons of them. I would like to delete them. I first thought of database deletion but I guess it's not ideal cause I also want to delete all posts of those bots (and by simply deleting users in database I guess their post are still in database in different tables).


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