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Looking for a suitable payment method to sell digital products?


I want to sell my digital products (PDFs, PPSX files or zip files) on drupal 7. I want to learn a good, trustworthy payment method which can be used in drupal commerce to sell digital products. I've already downloaded commerce file to sell my items. I'm not sure how to control the gateway to the paid file. When the user buys the digtal product, then he should be allowed to access to the file. What's the suitable payment way for this task?

Using a text in multiple contexts

I am looking for a web tool that can present one text - forum or blog post - in different contexts.

Example: Users in my catdog forum have been discussing new species over months and various threads.
Now I want to present the best crossbreeds on one permanent page.
An original forum message shall not be copy-n-pasted but referred in some way, presented with, say, 6 lines of its text, which can be expanded with a button to the full text.

Unable to run 64-bit PHP 7.2 on 64-bit Linux server (Drupal installation)

Status Report gives me the following warning :
LIMITED DATE RANGE : Your PHP installation has a limited date range.
You are running on a system where PHP is compiled or limited to using 32-bit integers. This will limit the range of dates and timestamps to the years 1901-2038... 

Page visits in first XX days

I would be grateful if you could help me find a solution
I'm looking for a way to count unique page visits in first XX days after content publishing.
It can be a module or third party service.
Thanks in advance


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