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White House site is broken is apparently built on Drupal.

I got two e-mails this morning with responses to "We the People" petitions that I signed a long time ago. At the bottom of the e-mails is the text, "Tell us what you think about this response and We the People," with links that redirect to URLs of the form:

Suggestion : option to upvote/vote (stars) for Modules, etc.

Suggestion : it would be great and useful if we could vote on Modules (upvote, thumbs-up, stars).

For example, I just installed the Simple Google Maps, and it made my day, after days of gruelling building of a site. I sent the maintainers a thank you message, but it made me think about how seeing others votes could be helpful when choosing modules.

Mind you, I of course use the Usage statistics also to evaluate :P

Drupal 8 Critical Issues Finally Down To Ten

Although the number can easily grow as it tends to oscillate, but noticed today, July 26, 2015 as the first day it hit the last ten for those into countdown stuff. While making note of irrelevant trivia it also happened before the release of beta13.

Memcache 2.2.7 vs 3.0.8 beta

My status report shows that pecl memcache 2.27 is unsupported but the it's that last stable version listed.

Just wondering why the last stable version would be unsupported ? Why use a beta version in place of a stable one ?


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