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How to learn Drupal 8 fast, for beginner

Hello everyone, who like Drupal. I need a help.
I am from Czech Republic, my english isn't very good, but I learn EN very fast. I am absolute beginner, I know only basics of HTML. Because I don't want to waste time with don't effective learning of Drupal 8, I ask you.

I want to create web, which will nice with good design and easy to use. It will harder project, don't easy.

Can I create first this harder project, or do first some easy project for learning? What is better?

Teaching Drupal in Schools

Hi all,

Community oriented Distribution of D8


i am in the process of creating a community website and i am looking for out of the box solutions.

I already made some custom stuff in D7, but i would like to go D8 and was wondering if there where already some distribution that would allow community features like
-group managements

Does anyone knows something that would help ? Translations

I think it should be useful to translate some part of to other languages (e.g. documentation).

This could be when will be ported to D8. By this way all languages functionalities will be in core and independent from external modules.

I think that having documentation in different languages will help the community in different ways, but mainly will be useful for non technical people which doesn't speak English (site builders, etc.)...


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