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Register users - bot spam

Hi. I have problem with most of my registered users - bots :) I have discovered that I had tons of them. I would like to delete them. I first thought of database deletion but I guess it's not ideal cause I also want to delete all posts of those bots (and by simply deleting users in database I guess their post are still in database in different tables).

How are you deploying Drupal?

I am a long time Drupal guy and I always found deploying changes to be a major pain but I just thought it was just something I had to deal with. Demoing new features means building a bunch of content types, maybe installing a module and maybe building some views in a staging environment and then just redoing the steps in production.

Hacked several times.

Hi folks!
I have this issue, because now my site has been shut down 3 times, because the site is sending thousands of spam mails, and I dont why or how. I just got an email from my hosting site telling me the problem. I've remove the suspicious files, and closed some holes but it has happend 3 times now. I code HTML, CSS and a bit of PHP but is no programmer, and do not have the biggest knowledge.. I have no idea how to prevent this from happening, since I can't find the way the hacker gets access.

New to Drupal, need theme for responsive site

I need a theme for a site that is currently written in PHP. I need a theme as close as what we currently have. Please contact me if you would like to develop the theme. Don't forget to let me know how much it would cost. Thank you.

Current site:

Need suggestions on how to structure virtual fair website with Drupal

Hi. I need to create a website for an organization that handles virtual events, like an online version of real conferences or fairs. The website is structured around virtual spaces which can be:

Fair lobby (which can contain one or more pavilions )

>Pavilions (each pavilion can have one or more virtual rooms of the above)

>>>virtual stands


>>>Lounge rooms


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