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Please don't add support questions to this forum

The General discussion forum is not for Drupal support questions.

If you've already installed Drupal, and have questions about something specific to a drupal installation, support questions should be placed in the Post installation forum.

If you've not installed drupal yet consider the Before you start forum.

If you have support questions for a specific module, consider using the module's issue queue.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Make status posts look different as a default

Hey guys,

I could use some help with the statuses plugin. I want to give users a couple dropdown menus to choose their post from, so that they CANT type, just select from the menu. Is this possible?

Let's get real what can we do about the decline in

A simple google trends search can show that Wordpress is going strong while searches for Drupal are on a steady decline. This is something that can no longer be ignored by the Drupal community. (yes we never mention it) What can we do to stop this and promote Drupal better. Wordpress is no better than Drupal so what are they doing so well that keeps them going strong while we lose interest?

How to display a reference field in an HTML list ?


I have a question regarding HTML output of a reference field in a node display.
I have a content type with a reference field. This field allows multiple values. I use Panels to replace the node display page by a panel node page. I put the node fields in the different regions of my panel page. When displaying the term reference field, I'd like the terms to be displayed as HTML list (

Added doc page not visible

I asked for permission to edit the front page of the Installation Guide. When I didn't get a reply in five days, I added a child page instead with the added information. The system responded that the page had been added and provided the URL, The page at that URL shows itself in the book outline where I inserted it.

[SOLUTION] Breakpoints do not work with Drupal 7, PHPUnit, Xdebug and Netbeans 8.0.1 on Ubuntu 12.04

I hope this post is useful to anyone who runs into the same issue as I did. After many hours of fiddling around with settings, with the help of my Technical Manager and client - Dave, I was successfully able to make Netbeans work as expected.

The Issue: Breakpoints do not work with Drupal 7, PHPUnit, Xdebug and Netbeans 8.0.1 on Ubuntu 12.04

The Solution:

1.Change 'Run as' to Script
2.Change the 'PHP Interpreter to' - '/usr/bin/phpunit'
3.Change the 'Index file' to your Test file location



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