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Adding "add-to-cart" icon on Item preview


Is there a way to add an 'add-to-cart' to say a lightbox or a colourbox mouse over beside the "magnifying" icon?


Directory Submission Sites

I want high and low pr directory submission site list for different IP.

Using OAuth in Drupal

I have a .NET application from which I have to authenticate / authorize to Drupal site using OAuth.

I got the authorize url and token url for the the drupal site along with the client id and the secret.

When i tried a simple GET from my browser something like this

http://mysite/oauth2/authorize??response_type=code&client_id=clientID I get Access Denied error with the code 403.

How can I display the Drupal login message ?

Drupal vs Wordpress vs Joomla

Hi all,

I have used a few web 2 platforms until now, like blogger, , weebly and some more blogging websites, so i could say i am an "experienced" blogger (meaning that i know how to use centrally hosted blogging platforms).

But it seems that the time came to launch my first "real" blogging website (selfhosted) and before doing that i need to decide which platform to use for it. The three platforms i think are the best are wordpress, drupal, and joomla and i am going to choose one of them.

Pattern-labs and Drupal Workflow from the Creative Perspective

Anyone that can provide some direction as to how Pattern-lab and Drupal work together from a process perspective?

Example Usecase:

We are a company with several brands who uses agencies for our web design. So we have a new product or enhancement to a brand site and we want to implement a more consistant workflow from the creative to the implementation of that site to reduce questions about margins, font,spacing, etc..

A few questions:


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