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Adelani Adekunle - Is Drupal secure to use?


I am Adelani Adekunle. I am using Drupal to made my website. But i am not sure whether Drupal is secure to use.

I need help performing one drupal task

I need help programming a drupal site having this about functioning
Well there be some three databased objects about Student, Course, Classes and the main one Student Course,
I should deelop it by Drupal Module Development,

If there is anyone who could help me getting that on on a shared screen or on skype that would be brilliant - I wish to learn

I will pay some good drink in advance over paypal for whom helped me if you wish.

an E-Sports website.

Hello im recently installed Drupal on my website and I have been learning how to use it and i wanted to see how good the e-sports community is here and see if they can help me with a couple possible things.

So first of all would any of you guys recommend and modules or really anything that will make my website a better experience for my community also there will be some info below of what we do and it would help if you guys respond :)

Info about what we do:

Scalaing a Drupal web app to a fully blown SaaS platform

First time post so apologies if get the etiquette wrong. Looking for a bit of advice from some experienced Drupal devs.

I have built a drupal based web app to support a business process that is currently used by two connected organisations. As such they are quite happy to coexist with only a few restrictions in place.

How to enter keywords in drupal site


I would like to develop a real estate investment site. I have not started yet.

I like to know which keywords I should enter to each page and how? Should I be using any module?
Also, how would I know which keywords to use?



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