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Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

drush feeds-list

how to explain:

/www/prod/sites/default$ drush feeds-list
Command feeds-list needs the following module(s) enabled to run: drush_feeds_import. [error]
The drush command 'feeds-list' could not be executed.
/www/prod/sites/default$ drush en drush_feeds_import
drush_feeds_import is already enabled. [ok]
There were no extensions that could be enabled.

Add Drupal GovCon events to profiles

This really needs to happen.

I've been to Drupal Gov Con two years in a row and presented this year, but there isn't a place for me to list that on I also helped with training and participated in the Ask an Expert area at Drupal Gov Con.

Drupal Gov Con has become a fairly large event. The session I presented had 150 people in it. It's only going to get bigger and bigger.

real estate website

is it possible to make a real estate website using drupal.and what about the mobile friendliness of the website.

Problem ajax button formElement FieldWidget Drupal 8

Hello everybody,

I developed a new type of field that contains :
- A select field
- Two text fields
- Button check with Ajax

This new type of field is used for multiple fields in a single content type.
So, we will have several check button in the same form.

My problem is that any check button Ajax point on the last item of the same field type. Although the id of the wrapper is automatically generated.

Extract source code:

Widgetfile .....

Drupal login icon

Seriously why does a desktop site not show the login links but a stupid icon instead. Wanted to log in today and was like WTF where are the login link? Then a few hours later came back and finally saw the icon.


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