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Product Search Form

Hello Drupal team,

I am sorry if this is a repeat question, however I cannot find what I am looking for.

My task is very easy in someones perspective, however I am a newbie to Drupal and only have been using it for a month. I need to create a internal web site product search form. Example:
Product 1 -> dropdown
Package # ->dropdown
Product 2 -> dropdown
N/a -> dropdown

Help me to get status to Ready to be Committed for a small patch to Views

Can anybody help me on the below issue to get it in status to Ready To Be Committed please?

Add "All Changes Saved" text to views

I know it is a very small patch. But yeah It feels good when you do something for the community. :)

List of Drupal groups around the World

I've compiled a list of all the meetups and groups.drupal and where they meet and when. Here is a editable Google Doc please add any missing info

What happened to


Does anyone know what happened to First it was giving off database errors, now its gone entirely and "cannot be found." As a long-time user of ubercart for my ecommerce site this worries me moving forward.

Does anyone know what's going on? Thanks.

Old threads suddenly appear on

I keep up on the Drupal forums every day. I read almost all new threads. Occasionally, like just now, old threads suddenly appear in the forums. For example, there were five new threads in the Module Development and Code Questions section of the forum, the oldest of which was over two weeks old, and the newest of which was a few days old. Now, I checked the forums maybe 6 hours ago, and these threads were not there, so why did they suddenly appear?


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