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Drupal to Drupal Migration

I am attempting to migrate hosts and am having issues migrating from one Drupal instance to another. I have a multi-site install. I am attempting to maintain the files/code as well as databases. I have transferred the files from the instance of Drupal from my old server to the new server. I have exported the databases via phpmyadmin and imported them back in with click. For some reason the homepages for my sites work but the internal pages do not. When i try to navigate to a page I get The requested URL was not found.

Drupal .htaccess

I am using Drupal in my website but there are some folders outside drupal. I want to exclude those folders from rewrite rules.

I already tried :

    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/admin/ in .htaccess
    Options +MultiViews in apache config

E-commerce Win-Win strategy

Any e-commerce module or solution "guid, information or keywords to search for on google" that has:

User starts his own hierarchy that consist of other users he will invite, and he might also be one relative to the user whose has invited him.
When a user sell a product, a specific percentage of the profit goes to everyone standing before him on the hierarchy.

Something like Win-Win strategy!

Any help would be appreciated

Role user menu

hello I have a doubt is possible for a user with a specific profile can only edit a specific menu and not all?

Thank you

hola tengo una duda es posible que un usuario con perfil especifico solo pueda editar un menu especifico y no todos?

Drupal 7 vs Drupal 8, In learning prospective.

Hello All,

I need guidance by you people!

I am a Drupal Developer, I worked on Drupal 6 & 7.
I am having moderate knowledge of Drupal 7,

like creating custom module, with some well known hooks, like hook_menu, hook_form_alter etc.

I am not much good In drupal 7 all hooks and not aware why mostly api used for. But I am continuously learning .
and I can do by learning.


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