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Please don't add support questions to this forum

The General discussion forum is not for Drupal support questions.

If you've already installed Drupal, and have questions about something specific to a drupal installation, support questions should be placed in the Post installation forum.

If you've not installed drupal yet consider the Before you start forum.

If you have support questions for a specific module, consider using the module's issue queue.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Attention is the gateway to the human mind and enables us to selectively focus

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Boost Your Memory, Feel Good!

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benefits of drupal

hi my friends
i am working .net mvc but i do not know why work with drupal.
what is benefits of using drupal???

Best Drupal distribution for LMS?

Hey Folks!
I want to set up a Learning Management System (LMS).
I am looking for a good LMS distribution on Drupal.

Please suggest the top 3 LMS distributions in Drupal.

3rd party tool which cannot integrate with Drupal yet


In your Drupal project or website, which 3rd party tool you want to connect with, for which API is still not available? Which 3rd party application would you wish to connect with to ease your or customer’s pain? Please share.



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