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Logs -what is considered a normal response?


I was looking at my site logs today for the first time (New to Drupal - using Drupal 8) and am not sure if what I am looking at is okay or if there is something wrong?

See Log example

I was able to reach the pages listed with no problem. The site is acting normally. But you can't tell that from the logs as they post "Access Denied" with an "Anonymous User" - which was me, the admin. Atleast, from a beginners perspective - they do not look correct.

Prevent detecting on which version of Drupal web site is running

I developed Chrome extension that is fingerprinting Drupal websites.

If you going to secure exact version of Drupal engine
then use free extension

If the version is determined then you neew to hide everything that can let extension know the version and hide it.
I will be very appreciated if you can leave your feedback.

Can different user roles have their own custom fields?

Hi, I am new to Drupal, trying to switch from Wordpress for some of our more complex projects.

Can different user roles have their own set of custom fields in Drupal 8?

As an example, I am building a website for a law firm. They have attorneys and staff. Attorneys have their own profile fields like law practice area, law school attended, etc. Staff has slightly different set of fields (e.g. no need to have law practice area, etc.).

Hook subquery problem


I want write the SQL with MyModuleviews_query_alter

I have 2 content types :

Post Type Post

Name Title
Entity reference Post Type

I want show all Post Type which have one or more post

if($view->name == 'spaces_checking' ) {

foreach ($query->where as &$condition_group) {
foreach ($condition_group['conditions'] as &$condition) {

Not sure if this is a big deal.

Hands down, I'm not here because I know anything about Drupal. I found this while looking for a website over Google. It looks like a full patch for something concerning Drupal, if it's nothing I'm sorry. Thanks for reading.


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