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The General discussion forum is not for Drupal support questions.

If you've already installed Drupal, and have questions about something specific to a drupal installation, support questions should be placed in the Post installation forum.

If you've not installed drupal yet consider the Before you start forum.

If you have support questions for a specific module, consider using the module's issue queue.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

My Drupal site not work now, do not know what problem, help please

Error displaying the error page: Application Instantiation Error: No database selected SQL=DELETE FROM `n5rje_session` WHERE `time` < '1440904015'

show error above while I access the site

Sure that your eating enough

Sure that your eating enough who this is an important point don't to worry about getting super shred it right now I don't run a calorie deficit for months at a trying to get to six Max Muscle Extreme or seven percent because it can mess with your bodies development because you're obvious your body's growing lot of stuffs changing and it's all driven by hormones if your going to be restricting your calories it's going to mess your home is going to it reduces your body's ability to print to synthesize proteins it's

Do they offer meal ideas

Do they offer meal ideas, menu guidance or meal replacements? You need to shed Weight Loss Tips for a lifetime and not only the short-term therefore seek out programs that help coach you on how-to eat right.

Adding Multi group with dynamic (add more) in Drupal 6

Hi All,

I am new to drupal. I am using Drupal 6. I have created one node type where I have to add multi group (with 2 dropdown) and also this multigroup should be added dynamically (with 'Add more itmes' functionality)

Could you please help/give any pointers to me?

Your help will be highly appriciated.


Added doc page not visible

I asked for permission to edit the front page of the Installation Guide. When I didn't get a reply in five days, I added a child page instead with the added information. The system responded that the page had been added and provided the URL, The page at that URL shows itself in the book outline where I inserted it.


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