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Drupal 8 Date field Date Picker

How can we add date picker in Drupal 8 date field expose filter?

In Drupal 8
I am trying to add date pickup popup calendar in our custom search form. Search Page is created by Views page and adding DOB field
by the date field expose.

But there is no option to add date popup calendar in views. While date pop up calendar is showing in the "Add Content" page in admin area.
Any Idea how can we show datepicker calendar on date field.

Thanks in advance.

Building an OOP system on top of Drupal 7 Core

We've just created an article on building an OOP framework on top of Drupal 7 core, allowing for easier upgrades, and faster page loads. You can read more here:

Building an OOP system on top of Drupal 7 Core

progress form

I need your help
I need to generate a form with fields retrieve a web service on the fly
if anyone can give me example
thank you
Drupal 7

Paid drupal distribution

I am interested in buying a paid Drupal distribution to create a site.The code will be given to me when buying the distro.The question is:If I build more than one site (e.g. 3 sites) with the same distro,do I have to pay each time to buy the distro again or can I use the previous bought distro?


Hello every one! pls i have run into a difficult situation trying to display specific number of Taxonomy terms in Grid format as content category in a single view.

1. i Created a view that Source input from taxonomy of a particular content type.

2. i displayed it using Grid format to show selected Fields from the content type.

3. i Grouped / Organized the contents using the Taxonomy terms.


I want to limit the number of content that displays per group or Term.


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