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Drupal 8 Feedback from a customer standpoint

At this point, I'm pretty darned disappointed.

Manual Deployment without Overriding Database

I have my Drupal site running on both, staging and production server. I make all the changes on staging and push them on the production server using GIT. Currently, I have to override the database.
I am looking for an alternative where I can upload the database from staging to production without overriding it on production server. I do not wish to use any modules.
Is there a way this can be achieved using some tools or GIT/Drush commands?

Adding search terms to SOLR

I work for a city government. One of our developers left and he configured Drupal 7 to work with SOLR. I'm not a developer, so I'm trying to figure out how to add relevant search terms to the index. Example: DMV. If you search our site now it doesn't show up. I wanted a page titled Drivers License to appear first for a search on "dmv." If anyone has some thoughts on this I'd appreciate it.

iTop ITSM to Drupal

for who knows iTop ITSM open source software, do you think it could be ported in Drupal?


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