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CMS Drupal or other


I'm a french Student, as "Digital Project Manager", and we have to build a website for the next school year.

We have to build a Website to present a random company.

We have the choice between different CMS.

Some of my teammates want to use Wordpress, because they are saying it's easier, i personaly want to give a try with Drupal. Because i read it's better than Wordpress.

What can i say to my teammates to prove that Drupal is way better ?

Thanks in advance

What happened with the Community Tools Team?

So after asking around a little, I have found that the Community Tools Team has been disbanded. The forums here need some major work to keep them from falling into obsolescence, and the forum section of this team seemed like the best way of getting updates done to the forum, as the barriers to regular users contributing to forum functionality are so large as to make the idea unrealistic.

What needs more of

Chinese posts telling us about Universities around the world. We need more posts like that.

Engineering a better way to hire programmers

For anyone out there who ever has to hire programmers, this is an interesting article:

Porter-stemmer license

Can someone direct me to the porter-stemmer module license page or explain it to me.


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