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The General discussion forum is not for Drupal support questions.

If you've already installed Drupal, and have questions about something specific to a drupal installation, support questions should be placed in the Post installation forum.

If you've not installed drupal yet consider the Before you start forum.

If you have support questions for a specific module, consider using the module's issue queue.

Thank you in advance for your co-operation.

Join new group - Drupal as Mobile Backend


I just started a group called "Drupal as a Mobile Backend" and, if you have built a mobile app on Drupal and/or would like to share ideas/experience, I'd like to invite you to the group.

I am new to this forum

I am new to this forum, how can I learn drupal here?

New module - Entitypoll


Hello Community , I need advice

Well, I manage the website of my association under a drupal 7 and I will like to establish an online sales system for T-shirts in different sizes (S, M, L, XL) with payment via Paypal.

Which module do you recommend ?

Thank you for your awnsers!

White House site is broken is apparently built on Drupal.

I got two e-mails this morning with responses to "We the People" petitions that I signed a long time ago. At the bottom of the e-mails is the text, "Tell us what you think about this response and We the People," with links that redirect to URLs of the form:


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