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FOREX and Drupal 8

Are there any FOREX Apps in the works for Drupal 8?

Paypal Pro and Paypal Advanced difference

Can anyone explain in detail about the difference for Paypal Advanced and Paypal Pro hosted payments? as i'm having website hosted in US

Most Common REST Tasks for Nodes of type Article

I've been examining the most common tasks I do with nodes of type Article using only REST and format hal_json. I came up with this list:

1. Create a node of type article.
2. Add a text summary to the article.
3. Add a comment to the article.
4. Upload image and use it for the article.
5. Create alternative text description for the image.
6. Create an alias of the article.
7. Add taxonomy tag(s) to the article.

I'm going to be doing a presentation to some folks using the DHC App for Chrome. Did I miss something?

Multi-level drop-down menus with Professional Theme 7

Hi! I'm using Professional Theme 7.x-2.05! i have some trouble about the Multi-level drop-down menus ! ! Then when i try superfish i can't replace the default main-menu! Help pleeease! thx :)


The span of time could it take until I begin to see stats in Web stats?


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