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Drupal Web Site Didnt save any process

Hi all,

I have very strange error. I install drupal everythings is fine but I just get small error.

* warning: mail() [function.mail]: Failed to connect to mailserver at "localhost" port 25, verify your "SMTP" and "smtp_port" setting in php.ini or use ini_set() in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\drupal\includes\mail.inc on line 193.
* Unable to send e-mail. Please contact the site administrator if the problem persists.

and then i start to use Drupal but everytime when i chick update,save buttons. it didnt anything and goes to index.php

Which module folder to put CCK in?

I just downloaded the CCK module. The book I'm reading, Using Drupal, says to put it in the sites/all/modules directory. But there is no module directory in sites/all. Should I put it in the html/modules directory?



Excuse my english, I am a German.
I searched the forum but could not find an answer so post here my problems>
I installed Drupal on my webserver and now i have the following warnings:

Weird simplenews problem


If I add a newsletter using simplenews module and corresponding content type, it must be add some data in simplenews_newsletters table (nid, tid, s_status and so on).

But I don't see there nothing. Older newsletters are correct in this table. But if I want to add some new it doesn't appear in this table.

But if I see this newsletter via taxonomy - it appears correctly.

Where maybe a mistake.


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