Apache + SSL upgrade caused issues.


Windows Server 2008

I recently upgraded to Apache 2.4.26 with SSL 1.1.0f.

Since then, my Drupal site cannot make contact with outside entities such as Google for "ReCaptcha" and fetch module updates.

Is anyone else having this issue or know what I can check?

I would appreciate it.

How to build project management

How to build drupal site with this features :

Users are able to allocate their minimum and Max budget per month allocated to health care.
Users input their Medical Status basic info, family medical history.
the system will process industry statistics , their medical history, their budget.
The system will will recommend a healthcare plan for them.
Individuals could also build their own healthcare plan by choosing add ons that will update the final health care plan monthly subscription.

any one can help me .

Please help with this shell


My colleague wrote this little shell script that we use to take the static pages offline. Use it at your own risk. sửa bếp từ tphcm

Bundle Wysiwyg + CKEditor. Does not appear connected and configured CKEditor.

There is a site with four roles of users. Bundle Wysiwyg + CKEditor. Add two additional text format: Visual editor (for roles clients and partners of the organization), and editor comments (for all authorized users). In profile, the Wysiwyg editor choose CKEditor, all remaining (assigns it to the field such as mother's comment page.
Rights to use wysiwyg configured. Wysiwyg profile created with a text format for the type of material modulo Comment exhibited. No errors at all. And not on the user page appears normal plain text.

d.o search >> user lands in 'Deprecated': unaware. < Problem

"Down here in the dungeon as we are..."


#Please note that this "topic" is
#Please be aware that you posted your new topic
#Please be aware that you posted your comment
in the "Deprecated" sections of the forums at Drupal.org.

The 'Deprecated' (no longer used) section of the forums
is intended as a library archive collection of old posts
and is not be seen by typical forum users.

The only notice it will get is via notifications
sent to the topic's 'followers' (if any).

That is possibly why you never got any replies.


Project's 'Issues' page.

If your issue is Module-specific or Theme-specific,
go to the relevant project's 'Issues' Page.

- The X project 'Home' page is at

- The X project 'Issues' page is at


Module - http://drupal.org/project/issues/views
Theme - http://drupal.org/project/issues/zen

#In your case http://drupal.org/project/issues/#

For additional details on getting help on specific projects, see...

Get the Fastest Answers to Module-Specific or Theme-Specific Issues at Drupal.org - How to


Forums: (Active)

If your issue is more general,
please "Post new Forum topic"
in one of the active forums.

#In your case I recommend that you post in the forum


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