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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

About Promet Source

Promet Source is a web design and development company founded in 2003 that specializes in open source solutions for government, higher education and association/nonprofit clients. Promet Source develops sites that help clients solve complex issues such as content creation, membership management, fundraising and responsive design. Promet Source solves these problems with the power and flexibility of Drupal. With headquarters in Chicago, Promet Source is a comprehensive Drupal development agency that offers custom design, custom implementations and full 24x7 support to its clients.

Areas of Drupal expertise:

- Drupal Web Development
- Drupal Support
- Drupal Site Audits
- Drupal development team augmentation

Drupal contributions

Promet supports Drupal and its community. Promet has sponsored dozens of Drupal events, presented at regional and national conferences, and contributed thousands of lines of code to the community.

Selected Drupal Event Sponsorships:

Drupal Camp San Diego (sponsors, speakers)
Drupal Camp Cebu (organizers, sponsors, speakers)
DrupalCon Los Angeles (sponsors, speakers)
DrupalCon Denver (sponsors, speakers)
DrupalCon Austin (sponsors, speakers)
DrupalCon Portland (sponsors, speakers)
Drupal Camp Chattanooga (sponsors, speakers)
Drupal GovCon Washington, D.C. (sponsors, speakers)
Drupal Camp Iowa, aka DrupalCorn (sponsors, speakers)
DrupalCamp Colorado (sponsors, speakers)
DrupalCamp NYC (attendees, speakers)
Drupal Camp Atlanta (sponsors)
Drupal Camp Bay Area (sponsors, speakers)
Drupal Camp Chicago, aka MidCamp (sponsors, speakers)
Drupal Camp Ohio (sponsors, speakers)

The Promet team also regularly participates in community code sprints to contribute to the latest version of Drupal software, working with the Drupal Association and other peer companies on joint development initiatives to strengthen Drupal development, including Drupal 8 core contributions.

A Sample of Promet's Commits:

Mobile AugmentedReality Communication (17 commits)
jGantt Dashboard (4 commits)
Image URL Formatter (1 commit)
Reindex (1 commit)
Picture (1 commit)
Entity JS (1 commit)
Views Natural Sort (43 commits)
Google Analytics Service (12 commits)
CiviCRM UserMerge (8 commits)
Test Case Manager (6 commits)
Ogame (5 commits)
Webform Profile (3 commits)
Flag (2 commits)
User merge (2 commits)
Drupal Commerce (1 commit)
Commerce Authorize.Net (1 commit)
Minecraft Username Validation (1 commit)
Demo Framework (125 commits)
Bean Tax (50 commits)
Mobile Subdomain (21 commits)
SPS Prototype (16 commits)
Entity JS (14 commits)
Bean (14 commits)
Context Bean (13 commits)
Bean Examples (8 commits)
Taxonomy Entity Index (7 commits)
Demonstratie panels (7 commits)
Demonstratie (6 commits)
Demonstratie Fieldable Panels Panes (5 commits)
Commons Groups (1 commit)
Collections (1 commit)
UUID Features Integration (1 commit)
Panopoly Magic (1 commit)
File entity (fieldable files) (1 commit)
Drupal Commons (1 commit)
Bean: Relevant Content (1 commit)
Provision (2 commits)
Entityreference Instead of Product Reference (1 commit)
Provision Safe Deploy (1 commit)

Projects supported

Commerce Customization, Menu Attributes a11y, Digital Signage, My Sandbox Project, Dockerized Drupal Project, Related Menu, Commerce Registrants, Publicate, Lionbridge translation provider, Widen Collective

Credited on 3 issues fixed in the past 3 months


Promet’s Behavior Driven Development training with Behat will empower your team with the knowledge and skill to administer and modify your Drupal site! Additionally, you will learn how to establish a shared language in which to discuss the development and support needs of your site with its users.

Our training is intended to introduce, reintroduce, or re-frame your understanding of Behavior Driven Development key concepts. Promet provides a hands-on workshop in which trainees write their own test cases and execute them.

At the end of your session, you will have a basic understanding of:
The principles of behavioral driven development
Creating Behat test cases from user stories
Developing domain-specific language for tests
How to create feature context based scenarios
How to execute Behat tests
A run down on Behat Drupal Extension

Our training sessions can be onsite at your facility or you can bring your team to Promet headquarters in Chicago.