YouTube field

The YouTube field module provides a simple field that allows you to add a youtube video to a content type, user, or any other Drupal entity.

Display types include:

  • YouTube videos of various sizes.
    This includes a responsive option that expands the player to the width of its container.
  • YouTube thumbnails displayed with image styles.
    These thumbnails can be linked to the content, YouTube page, or the video player in a Colorbox window.

This module is a lightweight alternative to Media, Embedded Media Field, and Video Embed Field. If you're looking for a way to add videos from more than one provider, you may want to consider looking into any of these other modules instead. If you're looking to import video information from YouTube into Drupal, look at the YouTube Import module.

Drupal 8

* A drupal 8 version of the module is below. Please help us test it, and report any issues in the queue.

Drupal 7 / Backdrop CMS

* A Backdrop CMS version of youtube module is available.
* Development will happen in tandem for Drupal 7 and Backdrop CMS indefinitely.

This module originally written by Jen Lampton and is co-maintained by Gus Childs.

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