WordPress provides a great platform for blogging. Drupal provides all the tools for a great blogging platform, but it takes some effort to join all those tools together. This module goes some way to addressing that.

This module can be seen in action on my blog site: http://deglos.com/.

The killer features I see in WordPress are:

  • A prepackaged content-type for blog posts.
  • A date-based navigation system in the sidebar, which shows the years/months when blogs were posted, and how many posts were created for that year/month.
  • Hackable clean URLs: new posts are created with a permalink URL which includes the year, month, and day they were posted, and the title of the blog post.
  • Free-tagging of blog posts with arbitrary tags.

This module tries to provide similar functionality using Drupal techniques and tools. In Drupal terms, this module provides:

  • A content-type
  • A taxonomy vocabulary for free tagging
  • Views (which accept year/month/day arguments) for browsing the blog archive
  • A block, to provide date-based navigation around the view.


  • Drupal (no, afraid this won't run on WordPress!)
  • Taxonomy (core)
  • Views


Does it support WordPress plugins?


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