White is the color of fresh milk, snow, salt and sugar. White color most often associated with innocence, perfection, good, honesty, cleanliness, beginning, new, purity , lightness, equality, implying fairness, impartiality and holiness.

Design of White Drupal theme with plenty of white space. White is a cool, powerful, clean, Responsive Drupal theme develop by Shivcharan Patil (itapplication).

White Drupal theme

Theme support for -

  • Logo.
  • Site Name
  • Breadcrumb.
  • Slogan, Tag line
  • Highlighted region.
  • Full width page(s). Without sidebar.
  • 2 column page(s). One sidebar.
  • 3 column page(s). Two sidebar.

Light weight theme

Features of theme

  • Table-less design.
  • HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Optimized images.
  • Eight regions to put blocks.
  • Theme support Drop down menu out-of-box. Main menu as a Drop down menu by default. No need to install and configure any module(like nice-menu) or no need to install any library or JQuery to enable drop down menu.

Advance features

  • Footer copyright text can be set, edit through theme setting page.
  • Slide show. Slider for front page. Easy to setup slide show through theme setting page.

Which branch should I choose?

White theme release under two branches for Drupal 7.
7.x-1.0 is branch for light weight theme without slide show and any complicated stuff.
7.x-2.0 is with slide show and with advance features.

Theme is actively developed and supported on developer's off time.
If you would like to say thanks, buy a drink for developer.

Theme developer is also available at itApplication.net to customize Drupal theme or create/develop entirely new theme as per your requirements.

Upcoming features.

  • Separate front page.
  • Easy to change design through theme setting interface.
  • Maintenance page
  • Print media CSS

Quick step-by-step theme guide

It is very easy to set Drupal site with white theme. Just install and follow the step-by-step guide.

Review live site at white.itweb.in

Themes by same(itapplication) developer

  • Black. Dark and black theme. Three designs in a single theme.
  • Red. Dark and red theme. Two designs in a single theme
  • Photo. Full screen slide show of photos. Useful for portfolio, photo artist, designers.
  • Biography. Theme useful for portfolio, resume and biography.

Theme is actively developed and supported on developer's off time.
If you would like to say thanks, buy a drink for developer or provide your approval to my 'Drupal Theme' skill (endorsement) at LinkedIn.

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