Webform View is a module that allows you to embed a view as part of a webform. Form elements (checkboxes, quantity selectors) are inserted into each result row. Data in this view can then become part of the data submitted in the webform submission.

The primary use-case this was built for is to enable a webform to be used as an order form where a user can select items displayed in the view, and request those resources or register interest in them in a way that the reciever of the submission can work with.

Note, webform_view-7.x is currently incompatible with webform 4
THings changed a lot with webform 4, and I've not been able to find a way to leverage it in the ways needed to make this work any more. #1981518: webform 4?
Sorry, I don't know if it's even possible at this point, not how hard it would be.

Desired workflow:

  • A website administrator can publish information about resources (pamphlets, publications) or even products or topics as nodes on the website. This can be added to at any time.
  • A view is created that lists these items. Full UI control of that layout uses normal view and template tools.
  • A webform is created that displays that view, and includes either a checkbox or quantity field next to each item.
  • When a user submits the form, their requests for each item are registered. Data on the submissions is managed using the Webform UI controls.

Fuller documentation is distributed with the module, or can be viewed in the repository.

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