About Webform Registration

Webform registration was born from the need to allow visitors that came to the site to fill out a sweepstakes from which needed to not only submit values to Eloqua, using the eloqua module, but also create a new user.

At the time the webform register module did not provide enough flexibility for what we needed to do. Which was have many different field names (used for eloqua mapping) and still keep track of which ones held the values for email, username and password.

How is this module different from webform register:

  • Maximum webform integration and flexibility
  • You can add and fully customize every field that will be used for registration.
  • If you are in a hurry, just add en email field and this module will handle the rest via a very user friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Only the email field (webform component) is required, all the other components can be either generated by this module or omitted depending on your needs.
  • Optionally you can specify all the labels and descriptions for all five fields (components): email, username, password, password confirmation and email confirmation

Take if for a spin and see for your self, this module won't let you down.

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