Configure matrix component
Configure matrix component
Matrix/Table Component

This module is extension of Webform module.

This module provide functionality to add matrix component / Table component in webform module. you can say this module to webform_table_component(Webform Table Component)
You can add matrix component like other components( textfield, select, label, date, Radio, Checkbox, Multiple Select etc) .
Subcomponent of matrix component is Textfield , Select , Label(markup), Date, Radio, Checkbox, Multiple Select.

Admin select number of rows and number of columns. after selecting columns user can choose subcomponent of this component (Textfield , Select , Label(markup), Date).
Where admin also define basic property of subcomponent.
Textfield - Title ,Default value
Date - Title, Start date,End date, Default date ( default timezone is user)
Select - Title, Options,select type(Radio/Checbox/List),Multiple
Label - Title, Lable Name

This module also manage webform Results section like (table display, csv upload , listing of webform results. )

webform matrix component display
For above view use Release 7.x-3.1 (Release 7.x-3.1)

webform matrix component display
For above view use Release 7.x-3.3 (Recommended Release)

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