This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.


This module provides a way for users to reply to webform submissions within the CMS. This allows users to respond to submissions without the need to use their own email client.

Now supports webform 7.x-4.x. Submissions array and webform_submission_render function changes. As it only differed in two places a simple check has been put in place. If more features are added in the future it may be better to branch the module.


  • Reply to submissions without using your own email client.
  • View previous emails sent.
  • Allow users to reply only to their webforms or to all webforms.
  • Select a default email for the 'To' box from the email fields available on the webform.
  • When replying you can see the submission below the form.
  • Site address used as the "From" address.




To demo the module click on the link to the right and type 'Webform Email Reply' into the search field and go. (Note that the demo site is not maintained by me). You'll need to add a webform, with fields and complete a submissions to use this module.

Feature requests

Feel free to add any requests to the issue queue.

Known problems

None known - please report all problems in the issue queue.

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