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The Web Page Archive module allows you to use Drupal to perform periodic snapshots on local and remote websites based of a list of URLs or XML sitemaps.

See the Austin DUG Web Page Archive Presentation for a basic walkthrough of functionality and a demonstration.

Capture Utilities

Snapshots are performed by Capture Utility plugins. Web Page Archive provides the following capture utilities:

Plugin Machine Name Purpose
HTML Capture Utility wpa_html_capture Captures raw HTML from URLs.
Screenshot Capture Utility wpa_screenshot_capture Capture Screenshots of URLs (uses Headless Chrome or PhantomJS).
Skeleton Capture Utility wpa_skeleton_capture Example code that provides a template for building additional capture utility plugins.

Other modules extending Web Page Archive:


  1. Drupal 8.3.x+ (managed with composer)
  2. PHP 7.0+
  3. PHP extensions: ext-openssl, ext-mbstring
  4. Each capture utility may have additional requirements. See the respective installation guide for more information.
  5. A lot of storage space (especially when using screenshot capture utility)


See the following guides for installing web page archive and capture utility dependencies:


#2930857: 8.x-1.1 Release Plan
#2916976: Project Roadmap

Help wanted!

This is a relatively new module and features are continuously being added. If you would like to assist in the development of this module, we welcome your help.

Please follow the Drupal Coding Standards.

Ways you can help:

  • Use the Module and Let Us Know Your Thoughts
  • Report Bugs
  • Submit Ideas/Patches on drupal.org
  • Submit Pull Requests on github.com
  • Write Tests
  • Write/Edit Documentation

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