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The Visual Website Optimizer module allows automatically includes the VWO javascript in your site's pages. Visual Website Optimizer is an easy to use A/B split, and multivariate testing tool. VWO uses small snippets of javascript inserted into the head each page to perform its tests; the Visual Website Optimizer module for Drupal automates the configuration and inclusion of those snippets.

You will need a VWO account

The Visual Website Optimizer module requires an active VWO account.

Sign up for a Free 30 day trial account AND help out, or Sign up for a Free 30 day trial without affiliate link.

After installing the module, you need to configure it for use with your VWO account by entering your Account ID on the module's settings page. Once configured, Visual Website Optimizer tests will be automatically included in every page, until you deactivate or disable the module.

Head to the Visual Website Optimizer website to configure and enable your tests.

Blurb from the website - What is Visual Website Optimizer?

Visual Website Optimizer is an easy to use A/B testing tool featuring point-and-click test designer and WYSIWYG editor for creating variations. In addition to being dead-simple split testing software for marketers, it also dramatically shortens time to go live with your A/B tests because of the innovative "tag-less" integration (not to mention it reduces your dependency on IT and web development department for uploading code snippets again and again).

Visual Web Site Optimizer is also a flexible multivariate testing software (full factorial methodology) which means that no matter what kind of testing your conversion rate optimization project demands (A/B, split URL or multivariate), you can be sure that it is covered by the tool. Thousands of enterprises and small/medium businesses are using Visual Website Optimizer today for landing page optimization, increasing website sales and improving conversion rates (see all case studies).


Install as per a normal module and then configure your Account ID from the VWO website. For more detailed instructions, please see the more detailed documentation.

NB: The Smart Code Checker may not pick up that the VWO javascript has been added to the page.

Local features

  • Support for Synchronous and Asynchronous VWO javascript loading.
  • Ability to locally filter which pages include the VWO javascript, or make it user configurable, or role configurable.
  • Helpful Account ID parser to locate your Account ID from the supplied javascript.
  • Take advantage of VWO Custom URLs feature.
  • Example module template to demonstrate how to use custom code to dictate if the VWO js is included on a page. This also allows more powerful choices for Custom URLs.

Similar Modules

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This is based on the work of Will Ronco of Awesome Software. Updated by Ted Cooper to use most recent javascript from VWO, prepared for inclusion on, D7 & D8 port, and include a few additional features.

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