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Quite a few people have wanted to show the results of a view as a comma-separated list. For example, for a view that returns:

  • Node 1
  • Node 2
  • Node 3

With this module, you can format it like this:

Node 1, Node 2, and Node 3

This module adds a new display style to Views. There are a few configurable options determining exactly what delimiter to use, what to do right before the last item, etc. In order for the list items to be properly formatted inline, the fields displayed must be inline.

Note that this module overrides the default Fields row style to output no extra whitespace for each row set other than the whitespace that already exist in field contents. Very few row styles tend to output no extra whitespace (because it normally doesn't make sense). Using a row style that doesn't output minimal whitespace will result in issues like #315360: Inline fields separator gets spaces before and after it and #497602: Space before field separator in inline values in HTML list.

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