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A summary view of articles by author, formatted as a link cloud

Views Cloud allows you to build Web 2.0 style tag-clouds of any data retrieved by Views. Want to show a cloud of usernames weighted by age? Node titles weighted by number of reads? No problem. The module provides a 'standard' view style for custom output, and a 'summary' style for easy generation of tag-style drill down views.

Important note for use:
Note that for most lists, you will be using the Cloud Summary Style, not the view Display Style. This means that if you want to do any of the following:

  1. A standard tag cloud.
  2. A cloud of users weighted by number of posts, profile values, or comments.
  3. A cloud of nodes by the date posted.
  4. Pretty much anything that involves "I want to count the things that have/are X".

Set up an argument for what you want the items to be counted by, then use the Cloud summary style. See the README file for more information.

This module also comes with 2 disabled default views to help you get started. These may help you get started in creating your own clouds:

  • cloud_tags: A common tag cloud.
  • cloud_user_posts: A cloud of user names, weighted by the user's number of posts.

Visit the Views configuration page and enable these views for examples of how to use the Cloud summary style.

Recommended projects

  • Term Node Count: An optimization for making more efficient lists (and therefore tag clouds) through Views.

Written by Jeff Eaton and Nate Haug of Lullabot.

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