This module add support for embedding HTML5 videos into your website using Video Embed Field


  • Install module
  • Add video embed field and enable "HTML5" provider
  • Add link that ends with mp4/ogg/webm

Generating thumbnails

There are two ways you can generate thumbnails for a HTML5 video:

  1. Server side: using the PHP FFmpeg module. This requires you to configure the module properly and add the dependent binaries.
  2. Client side: if, for some reason, you are unable to use the above (preferred) solution, the thumbnails can be created on page load. A new CANVAS object will be created which uses the first frame of the video as a thumbnail.

Known issues

  • When using the colorbox fomatter, there is a padding applied on the bottom of the video. This will be fixed if is committed
  • When using the thumbnail formatter without the PHP FFmpeg module, image styles won't be applied. This is because a canvas object is created. This object will inherit the width of the parent container. The canvas object is responsive though


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