Have you ever needed to download your user list to Excel, or export it to a comma-separated file? This module steps in and does just that. Use this module to export users' data to different text file types for transport to other systems.

There are other solutions to do this same thing; however, the goal of this module is to be a turn-key solution requiring no configuration.

After installing the module visit: /admin/people/export

As a bonus, if you have views installed, this module adds a nice admin screen to help locate users by email or username.

If you have a dependency on this module and you need a Drupal 8 version, please let me know by commenting on (or creating) the issue called “Drupal 8 Port”. I will prioritize those modules that have the most votes for Drupal 8 first over others.

The 2.x Branch

Requires PHP >=5.3

The 2.x branch requires this module: Loft Data Grids, while the 1.x branch did not. Therefore to upgrade from 1.x to 2.x or to install the 2.x branch, you will need to also install that module.

  1. Enable Loft Data Grids.
  2. Run update.php to complete the upgrade to 2.x.


This module is lean, meaning it provides export of the following user attributes:

  1. uid
  2. mail
  3. name
  4. created
  5. access
  6. login

That said, it is a solid API and very extensible via hook_alters(). As such if you need to add additional fields such as profile fields then you can do it via additional modules.

I could see plug-in modules being written which leverage the fieldable concept of users and add support for user fields. This module would serve as the base for such a design.

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