Import users into Drupal, or update existing users, with data from a CSV file (comma separated file). Provides a wide range of features out of the box, and a comprehensive API to customise imports.


Create and Update Accounts

  • Create an account for each user
  • Update existing users option (data can be added or replaced)

Support For Many Fields

  • Match CSV columns to account and profile fields
  • Roles can be set for users (set for all users, or imported per user with option to create new roles)
  • Can import passwords from CSV file (plain text only)
  • Support for Nodeprofile import (Node Import module is required - Drupal 5 only)
  • Support for Content Profile import (Node Import module is required - Drupal 6 only)

Account Info Options

  • Can create Usernames based on data from the file
    e.g. "John" + "Smith" => "JohnSmith"
  • Usernames can be made of abbreviated data from the file
    e.g. "John" + "Smith" => "JSmith"
  • Can create random, human readable, Usernames
  • Can create random passwords for each new account
  • Can set each user's contact form to enabled
  • Can set each user's account to active
  • Option to generate email addresses

Upload Options

  • Upload CSV files through browser
  • Use file uploaded through SFTP, FTP,...
  • Drop an import file into a directory to trigger an automatic import

Welcome Email

  • Can send custom welcome email with account details to each new user
  • Welcome email can include profile data


  • Processing can be triggered by cron or manually by an administrator
  • Can stagger number of users imported, so that not too many emails are sent at one time
  • Designed to be infinitely scalable


  • Drush support
  • Import settings can be saved for re-use on future imports
  • Test mode option to check import for basic errors

Add-On Modules

Add additional features with these modules that make use of the User Import API:

Drupal 7

Core User entity fields supported, except File and Image type fields.

Profile 2 fields not yet well tested, this feature is in development.

User Import 7.x-2.1

Note that from version 7.x-2.1 'Private files system path' must be set, as all imported CSV files are moved to the private files directory for processing. If updating from a previous version please also run Drupal update.



If you've found User Import module particularly useful and want to say thank you, there's a wide range of stuff I'd welcome on my wish list (UK) (US).


Developed by Robert Castelo for Code Positive.

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