Breaking News Example

This module provides a simple way to show a short-term urgent message on the website. Think of CNN Breaking News, when they show a short message the top of the site (or the 'Welcome!' style messages at StackExchange websites). This module works for both anonymous and authenticated users by using a cookie, and recording actions in the database. This solves the need to show messages independent of the users authenticated status.

With User Alerts, you can:

  • Alert users about breaking news, or a special same-day sale for ecommerce
  • Schedule publishing of alerts via Scheduler
  • Override display with TPL and CSS

How to use this module:

  1. Enable User Alerts
  2. Set the appropriate permissions for selected roles
  3. Set the User Alert block in the appropriate region of your theme.
  4. Create a user alert node.

You can also set some global settings for alerts at admin/settings/user-alert.

Unpublished alert nodes are removed from the system automatically. This is to prevent an old alert being seen by a user (if the cookie was cleared or expired, for example) if a node was republished accidentally.

You can also enable Drupal core caching / block caching and still use this module. It's content is generated by AJAX to be usable even when displayed on a cached page.

User Alert also supports multilingual websites via Locale, Content Translation and Entity Translation (field level translation).

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