ShipStation Integration for Drupal Ubercart.
Integration between Ubercart( and fulfillment service.

This module provides integration between ShipStation ( and
Drupal Ubercart for purposes of order fulfillment. ShipStation integration is provided
via the ShipStation Custom Store service (

The module supports the ability for ShipStation to retrieve orders from Drupal
based on order status. It also allows ShipStation to notify Drupal of orders
that have shipped, and provides a Rules event for triggering related actions.

In order to use this module, you must have a ShipStation account.


This module requires the following modules:

  • Ubercart
  • uc_payment
  • uc_fedex
  • uc_order
  • Rules


You can configure the module settings at admin/store/uc_shipstation.


The module creates an endpoint for ShipStation to communicate with at shipstation/api-endpoint. Follow the instructions
in the Custom Store Integration Guide to configure a custom store in ShipStation.

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