This module gathers payment methods for spanish banks that use Redsys (formerly known as Sermepa) systems.

Version 3.x

Includes support for SHA256 security.

As of October 23, 2015 this will be the only version that can be used with Redsys. 1.x and 2.x versions will no longer be supported.

Enable the module & configure one or more banks through the payment settings, in "Sermepa Settings". This version should support most of the banks that use Redsys platform. Please use the issue queue for reporting banks not compatible with this version.

Version 1.x

Enable ONE of the modules (not all are compatible to be enabled together) and
configure it in the Ubercart payment configuration.
Main development is done in 3.x version, only use 1.x for BBVA own gateway and Ruralcaja, which they are not compatible with 2.x version.


If you want to help with this module, you can submit patches, find bugs and communicate them through the issue queue or even your own Redsys module for a bank in particular.

Note: Full list of banks managed by Redsys:

Online shops using this module and that have helped to add support of some of the banks: Amatusalud, HBW, Jamones Domecq, Supercalcetines

Thanks for the help of Season with La Caixa.

Version 6.x Sponsored by tiendas online Gorile

Currently maintained by Regoluna. If you want any custom modification or additional banks you can contact us for commercial support.

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