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The uc_hotel module is a hotel booking system for Drupal and Ubercart.

It does not manage individual rooms, but rather lets you create room types, and set how many of each type are available for specific dates on the calendar. Each room type can be assigned a different rate, or be based off a single master rate and have a modifier applied to adjust that rate by a certain amount.

You can vary the rate based on the number of adult and child occupants.

The module also features an add-ons and upgrades sub module that allows you to bundle other date-based upgrades with the booking such as tennis lessons or spa treatments.


Extract the module into sites/all/modules/ or sites/xxx/modules depending on whether you're using a multisite configuration.
Enable the Hotel Booking module at admin/build/modules or using Drush.
Optionally, enable the Hotel Booking add ons module.


Please refer to the documentation for information on configuration.


PHP 5.2

This module uses the php DateTime classes which were not available prior to PHP 5.2 (see the php manual for more information - it is possible).

For Drupal 6

Date (Date_Popup)

For Drupal 7


Optional Modules

Beauty Tips - only applies for version 6-2 and 7-1 versions of uc_hotel.

Other Information

This is not a complete hotel management system. It is designed to allow you to make rooms available and then accept bookings and payments using Ubercart. It will not handle every situation for every person. You may make feature requests and they will be handled as time permits. Alternatively if you require a particular feature immediately, you can contact the module maintainer for paid support and customisations.

Road Map


  • Will include rewrite of hotel add-ons sub-module for greater compliance with Drupal coding standards and leverage of the Drupal API
  • Will include better support for translation of dates - Available in the dev version
  • Will include a further sub-module (hotel discounts) allowing for length of stay based pricing adjustments - Available in the dev version


Will be released after Beta5 has been available for a month and any critical bugs have been resolved.

New features

In order to keep the 6.x-2.x branch as stable as possible, new features will go into 6.x-4.x (3.x is an experimental branch). This version includes:

  • Views and calendar module integration for bookings - giving you the ability to create a calendar of arrivals or departures or simple blocks like 'arriving today' or 'departing today'
  • The ability to add/edit bookings via the Ubercart order interface - the module is now a full-featured hotel booking management system

Thanks to Percontor for sponsoring these new features.

Drupal 7 version

A Drupal 7 beta version is available, please read the release notes regarding what versions of the dependency modules (date, ubercart) it was written with. As Date module has moved significantly since this was released, there are a number of known issues for the D7 release:

Once these are resolved we'll go to an rc.

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