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Blockchain.info integration

Start accepting Bitcoin now! This module provides an alternative 'payment gateway' that enables your clients to pay in the equivalent amount in BTC (Bitcoin currency)

It does this by doing a current market exchange rate lookup of your stores default currency and then allowing an option to let people pay in the equivalent BTC amount.

Enables Bitcoin payment and provides the user with an automatically generated Bitcoin address to pay into when they complete their order.

Uses cron to check the status of the payments with the Bitcoin server and update Ubercart order status.


  • Generates a new bitcoin address for every order
  • Provides payment address to customer on site at checkout, plus in a subsequent email
  • Configurable timeout after which unpaid transactions will be canceled automatically
  • Configurable number of Bitcoin network confirmations after which an order is considered paid
  • HTTP or HTTPS access to bitcoind
  • Allows you to shop in an existing currency then pay in the current bitcoin rate for the current exchange rate of that currency (For example, your users can shop in USD/AUD/NOK/etc but then pay in BTC at the end, which is updated from MtGox's live exchange rate feed)

PHP requirements

  • PHP cURL module support
  • PHP bcmath module support (normally built in)
  • SSL support (if you're using HTTPS to talk to bitcoind)

Bitcoin backends

    • Local Bitcoind "daemon mode"

    • Ensure bitcoin/bitcoind is running, "telnet localhost 8332" and see if it connects
    • If not, run it something like "bitcoind -rpcuser=test -rpcpassword=test -daemon", you can also run the bitcoin-qt client with a server mode option
    • More help with configuring available here
    • http://blockchain.info and others

    • Because HTTP/1.1 is not supported in Drupal 7 we need to use Guzzle library by running the excellent composer_manager module - This is required unfortunately if you want to talk to Blockchain.info, Composer_manager helps to install the Guzzle HTTP library,
    • Follow this link to find out how to run the drush commands that will install the dependencies (Guzzle HTTP) for your install by scanning this module. (essentially install the composer utility then run 'composer install' from inside the drupal directory)

Ubercart requirements

  • Ubercart 3.x

Check the README.txt in the module for more critical installation information.

See also

The "Commerce Bitcoin" module for the commerce platform.

How to Install/Run

I hope this helps you, follow this guide on configuring and running Ubercart Bitcoin payments

Once installed visit admin/store/settings/payment

To do

  • Lower exchange limit - disallow BTC checkout if exchange rate falls below a threshold
  • Configure the number of transaction verifications
  • Allow multiple exchange rate lookup systems

Project Information