This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides an Ubercart payment method. It helps to display the shop's bank account details to the customer so a direct money transfer can be initiated by the customer. Depending on where you are from you might call this method bank transfer, wire transfer, giro transfer or direct deposit.


  • There are two ways to use this module (or a combination of both):
    • Put all the information you need to show to the customer into the "Payment instructions" field
    • Or use the provided bank details fields which is the recommended option for multilingual websites
      (current fields: Account owner, Account number, IBAN, Bank code (useful for BSB / Sort code / Bank code / Clearing number / Routing transit number or Bank transit number), SWIFT, Banking institution, Branch office)
  • A token (Drupal 7: [uc_order:payment-bank-details] / Drupal 6: [order-payment-bank-details]) is created which can be use to display the payment information on the invoice.
  • Optionally the order ID can be displayed along the payment details as 'Reason for payment'.


Please see README.txt (Drupal 7) or README.txt (Drupal 6).


Current development sponsored by Origondo AG
Original development by xweb. Also merged functionality from a module originally developed by Oliver Coleman.

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