This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Adds basic integration of the Tracy PHP debugger to Drupal.

With Tracy, you can view all PHP errors, notices, and warnings in a consolidated info bar. You can then disable printing of error messages from Drupal to get them off of the screen and view them in one place.

If you add the Chrome or Firefox extension FireLogger, you can output to the console window. There are also options to dump watchdog calls to the console, too.

Composer Manager module is required. After enabling Traced, run drush composer-manager install (or update) from the command line to grab the Tracy packages needed.


Using Tracy via Traced is pretty straightforward. You can use traced_log to log to console:

function traced_log($message) {
  if (user_access('access traced debugger') && variable_get('traced_enabled', FALSE)) {
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