Total Control Administrative Dashboard

What is Total Control?

The Total Control Admin Dashboard creates a default panel page with useful administration tools. Its purpose is to create a central location from which a Drupal site can be properly cared for. Several overview panes are included for site stats and quick reference. Several administration panes are provided with quick links to content types, menus, taxonomy, and other scattered locations of important Drupal site administration. Several views panes are also provided as well as full-page comprehensive versions of the views with bulk operations. Each views panel pane is customizable via it's pane settings, or override the default views provided to suit your own needs.

Why another admin dashboard module?

I evaluated all the other admin dashboards out there and realized that none of them seemed to do much more than take the pre-existing Drupal admin area and display it differently. The Dashboard module in drupal core doesn't actually add anything useful, and is an abomination of the arcane blocks system. This module provides a useful alternative.

Panels Content Panes Included:

  • create content: list of 'add' links for each content type
  • content overview: number of posts in each type, comment count, spam count
  • user overview: total number, active and blocked counts, and role counts
  • site overview: combination of user and content overviews, above.
  • taxonomy: administrative list of all vocabularies on your site
  • menus: administrative list of all menus on your site
  • content types: administrative list of all content types on your site
  • panels: administrative list of all active panels on your site
  • webforms: administrative list of all webforms on your site
  • nodequeue: administrative list of all nodequeues on your site

Views Included:

  • all content (both panel pane and page)
    • content by type (both panel panes and pages for every type on your site)
  • all users (both panel pane and page)
    • users by role (both panel pane and page for every role on your site)
  • comments (both panel pane and page)
  • categories (both panel pane and page)
  • activity (both panel pane and page)
  • files (both panel pane and page)

D8 Module Dependencies:

D7 Module Dependencies:

D6 Module Dependencies:

Available Add-on Modules (for Drupal 7 version)

This module was written by Jen Lampton of Jeneration Web Development.

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