This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This package provides a command line tool to assist in the setup of a server for the automated testing framework located at The package does all of the following:

  • Checks all server software dependencies.
  • Installs the Drupal codebase and supporting testing modules.
  • Configures PHP and an Apache virtual host for the website
  • Installs all necessary databases and configures access permissions for Drupal.
  • Installs a pre-built version of Drupal.
  • Creates user accounts for all testing administrators with SSH pubkey access.
  • Configures administrator permissions on the server (access to all Drupal-related files, ability to restart Apache/MySQL, etc).

The script checks for any updates to the server install package each time it's run, and checks if it's previously performed any work, only performing those actions which were not previously complete. This allows the script to be run over and over again for things like managing the list of current testing administrators.

Check the README for detailed usage instructions.

Written by Chad Phillips
Maintained and ported for PIFR 2.x (6.x-2.x branch) by Jimmy Berry

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