This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides a field for entities that allows users to select what template the field should be displayed in. The goal is to give users the ability to choose the layout of the content without them having to use different content types for different layouts. It is a collection of three modules working in tandem:

  • Template API
  • Template Field
  • Template Mustache - The rendering module for Template API

Templates can be created through the UI or by implementing hook_template_api_templates().

The Mustache Template Rendering Library can be found here. It must be installed at libraries/mustache/Mustache.php.

Currently Template Mustache is only compatible with Version 1 of the mustache library. (See #1887160: Upgrade Template Field to work with Mustache 2.x). or direct download:

The Template Field module provides a ctools exportable template to be used as a field.

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