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This module is intended for administrators who have to jump around to specific pages while managing Drupal sites. It's a hotkey-activated launcher utility inspired by Quicksilver, Gnome Do and other desktop launchers. A configurable hotkey (Ctrl-M by default, or Crtl-T in older versions) brings up the dialog. Type in any part of the title or path of the page and an autocompleted list of possibilities will pop up. Unlike many other dynamic search modules, Teleport searches titles and paths of system pages as well as node titles. See this short screencast for a demonstration.

If you don't want to wait for the autocomplete to finish, you can just type a query and submit the form. Teleport will guess what you mean and send you right there, or display a list of options if it can't figure it out.

Development generously sponsored by Trellon.

Future directions:

  • Make interface act more like Quicksilver (i.e. you should only have to press Enter once to launch)
  • 'Actions' like Quicksilver: if you select a node, a second input should appear with options to go to the View page, Edit page, (un)publish, etc. Same with users.
  • Hook into more non-node content, like taxonomy terms and functions in the API module.

I don't Drupal much anymore, so I'm looking for someone to take this project over, or someone to tell me that someone has done it way better and that teleport shouldn't exist anymore. (by "better", I mean something cool and useful that is still simple to use and plays well with themes.) Let me know if you are interested!

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