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Automatic table of content with [collapse] tags, auto-numbering, back to TOC links


The Table of Contents module generates a list of select header tags in a box. The links point to the anchors so users can quickly access each section of your documents.

The module comes with many features:

  • Place the table of contents where you want
  • Display the table of contents in a block
  • Conditional generation of the table of contents
  • Different types of numbering
  • Generate identifiers for headers without one
  • Links back to the table of contents
  • Etc.


Please, read the documentation before reporting an issue. Most answers are included somewhere in there! Especially, check out the known issues.

Table of Contents documentation

Upgrading from version 2.x to version 3.x
Note that we have over 1,000 users of version 3.x. It just works.

Table of Contents known issues


Available translations: French (mostly complete), Polish (not up to date in 3.x)


The following modules are not compatible with this filter.

Drupal 5.x support

We are not currently supporting the Drupal 5.x version.

If you can help with that version and are interested, post an issue about that...

Supporting organizations: 
7.x-2.x development sponsor

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