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Some websites might contain elements that are considered content by the Drupal CMS while they might not only be used as content. For example custom blocks might be used for a footer that is shared between all environments. Structure sync tries to give you a tool to get around this issue by allowing you to synchronize taxonomy terms, menu links and custom blocks through the configuration. The module will prevent you from having to create content multiple times and also decrease the risk of some elements being out of sync between environments, the main menu for example. It will also synchronize the UIDs for these items to prevent you from having to change references to this in other configuration files. Finally you have the ability to do a partial export or import so some of these elements can still be considered environment specific content.

Structure sync provides Drush commands and admin interface screens for synchronizing content that could also be considered configuration. Including menu items, custom blocks and taxonomy terms.

Drush commands

The available Drush commands are:

  • export-taxonomies (et) - Export taxonomy terms to configuration
  • import-taxonomies (it) - Import taxonomy terms from configuration
  • export-blocks (eb) - Export custom blocks to configuration
  • import-blocks (ib) - Import custom blocks from configuration
  • export-menus (em) - Export menu links to configuration
  • import-menus (im) - Import menu links from configuration
  • export-all (ea) - Export taxonomy terms, custom blocks and menu links to configuration
  • import-all (ia) - Import taxonomy terms, custom blocks and menu links from configuration

The access to the admin screens is restricted with the permission to 'administer site configuration'.

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