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This module provides the Stripe PHP library as a service. It provides:

  • API key storage via Key.
  • A "@stripe_api.stripe_api" service that can be injected into your PHP classes

Once you've enabled the module and set your API keys, you are free to use the Stripe API library in your custom module. Simply injecting the "@stripe_api.stripe_api" into your class is sufficient to open a connection. For example:

use Drupal\stripe_api\StripeApiService;
use Stripe\Subscription;

class MySpecialClass {
  public function __construct(StripeApiService $stripe_api) {
    $this->stripeApi = $stripe_api;
  public function loadSubscriptionsMultiple($args = []) {
    $subscriptions = Subscription::all($args);
    if (!count($subscriptions->data)) {
      return FALSE;

    return $subscriptions;


In order to use this module, you must manage your Drupal site dependencies using Composer. See Using Composer to manage Drupal site dependencies for instructions.


This module provides a simple abstraction of the Stripe PHP SDK. It does not (and will not) provide any additional functionality. This module is designed to be required by other contrib/custom modules.

See project for more information.

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