This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module provides a simple solution for role-based subscriptions without requiring a full e-commerce suite running on Drupal. It directly integrates with Stripe's subscription architecture.

NOTE: This module is not ready for production. It is under active development!


  • Add/Remove roles based on subscription status
  • Create Plan Groups organization of Plans based on context
  • Support for Webhooks
  • Optionally require subscription sign-up and credit card during registration
  • Email templates for subscription and payment events
  • Optional upcoming payment notifications
  • Subscribers can easily update active card, subscription, or cancel their plan
  • Hooks are provided to extend functionality


  • Stripe and its PHP Library (Required)
  • Secure Pages (Recommended unless full site is secure)


Getting Started

  1. Install and configure Stripe, then enable this module.
  2. Add plans and plan groups at admin/config/stripe/plans.
  3. Configure which roles each plan should add and remove
  4. Configure Stripe Subscription settings and notifications at admin/config/stripe/subscription.
  5. In your Stripe Dashboard, add a Webhook that points to - Roles will not be added or removed without this. This also means that the environment needs to be accessible over the web. Stripe highly recommends protecting this URL with SSL.


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