With Multi-Step Registration you can create multi-step (wizard) user account registration forms. Each step of the wizard can be configured to, optionally, expose one ore more Profile2 types.



  • Profile2: Multi-Step Registration is able to place forms generated by Profile2 types into wizard steps. By using Multi-Step Registration in conjunction with Profile2 you can create rich registration wizards.
  • Internationalization (i18n) module: If Variable translation (i18n_variable) module is enabled, next user-defined variables can be translated:
    • step_title_[step]: The wizard step title.
    • step_description_[step]: The wizard step description.
    • step_button_next: The 'Next' button label.
    • step_button_back: The 'Back' button label.
    • step_button_finish: The 'Finish' button label.


Install the module as any other module, following the manual instructions.


  1. Configure user account registration wizard steps and general settings at admin/config/people/step. There's a pre-configured register step, corresponding to the screen where user is adding his username and E-mail. That cannot be deleted but you can still change the name and description. You can configure also other values there, for example if the wizard trails will be shown, the redirection after finishing the wizard, etc. Use the drag and drop feature to order the wizard steps for your needs.
  2. [optional] Now it's time to place Profile2 types on your wizard steps. To do so, visit Profile2 types page at admin/structure/profiles and edit the Profile2 types that you want to add in the registration flow. On each profile, under "Show in user registration, in step", select the wizard step on which this profile form will be exposed. You're able to exclude optional fields from the registration process.

You're done!


See README.txt.

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