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Provides a few advanced options to the core Statistics module. Once enabled, these options can be found under "Administer >> Reports >> Access log settings."

Only track 'unique' views of content
If you keep viewing a node over and over again, the "x reads" counter won't increase each time. This is applied on a per-user basis as well as a per session id for anonymous users. This replaces the Accurate Read Count module. This is a workaround for #90468: Only record unique hits in node counter stats.
Discard content views by user role
Administrators can assign the 'exclude visits from counters' to discard content views from certain user roles. This offers nearly the same functionality as the Decounter module and should not be used at the same time.
Discard access log records by user role
If you have certain users that are active behind the scenes in your site, you can remove their entries from the access log table to help keep it trimmed down (more relevant statistics about your site's visitors and possibly improved database performance).
Discard access log records by crawlers and bots
Integrates with the Browscap module to not log visits from search engine crawlers and bots. This will not affect your site's ability to record visitor referrers from search engines.
Other statistics enhancements:
#345133: 403s and 404s are counted in {node_counter}.
Adds reset functionality for acceslog records and node view counters.

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