This is a Spanish profile for Drupal installation.

This installation profile has two main objectives: to easy the installation of Drupal for newbies, promoting its usage; to generate a standard installation profile to foster installations for groups of programers.

The installation profile:

  • Predefines Spanish as default language for the site.
  • Configures transliteration options for pathauto.
  • Allow to set a new set of default values for installation forms.
  • Changes date and time formats.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Install Drupal
    • Download and extract the latest version Drupal (for example, drupal-7.21)
  2. Copy Spanish Installator
    • Download Spanish Installator archive and extract into the 'profiles/' directory
    • Download contributed modules and extract into the 'sites/all/modules' directory
    • If desire dowload the latest 'es.po.txt' and replace 'es.po' in the 'translations/' directory
    • Due to a long list of dependencies consider using Drush Make to gather the files.
    • For advanced users: modify default settings, rename 'profiles/spanish/includes/' to 'profiles/spanish/includes/' and edit any variable needed.
  3. Follow installation instructions

This is not a simple installation profile for beginers, if you are looking for a Drupal quickstart please try Spanish Minimal Installation Profile. This profile will mantain in dev nos because it is unstable, actually it works very well, but because it is intended to be used as a start for your own installation profile with your own customizations.

Instruccciones en español en el archivo readme.txt.

Using Drush Make

The use of drush make is encourage, just type the following command on your command line drush --contrib-destination=sites/all make spanish-make.make <your directory>

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