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Social Channel Feed

The Social channel feed module allows user to fetch feeds/data from their different social channels. User can fetch feeds from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram. Feeds data can display in page or in block configuration. User can set separate block for each social media channel.
Social media feed module user can get better experience of error handing and exception handling. Better use of Drupal 8 caching system, page load is faster after enabling the cache from social media feed global configuration.


The Social channel Feed module is very similar to other Drupal modules installation. For installation of the Social media Feed module please follow the below steps:

  • Download the Social channel Feed module and extract into the /modules directory.
  • Enable the Social media Feed module.


This module has admin configuration settings. There is configuration link for this which you can access at /admin/config/social-media-feed/config.
When enabled and configured properly of each social channels, this module will display the Social Feed form at /social-media-feed, after this step you can use the blocks from Drupal system to show the feeds from their respective services.

Preferred the readme.txt for configuration properly.

Uninstalling the module:

  • Uninstall the Social Feed module.
  • Clear Caches.

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