The snippet module allows you to provide user (usually a site-admin) editable "text-areas" in panel pages without given users general panels admin access. Each snippet area is exportable, so it can be bundled in a feature along with panels. The text contained within the snippet (which the user can edit) is not exported.

  1. Ctools exportable whereby the text-container is exportable but the text-content is not
  2. Different permissions to edit text and administer snippets
  3. Provides ctools content type with content

NOTE: As of version 1.7, this module supports the use of tokens in titles and content. Some sites may run in to problems with recursion on the Token tree viewer (inline and popup) which may cause a database timeout when trying to add or edit a snippet.
If you come across that, we recommend using the token_tweaks module and setting the UI limit to something that works for your site.

This module exists thanks to the generous support of HighWire Press, Stanford University and Faichi solutions

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Development, Support, Maintenance
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