The module adds Slideshare support to the Embedded Media Field module, exposing a third-party provider to Embedded Video Field sub-module.

Slideshare slides can thus be embedded in any content type with an Embedded Video Field by pasting the URL of a Slideshare presentation into that field.

This module provides both a thumbnail and a Flash embed representation of the presentations, and provides support for listings via Views module.


The Embedded Media Field module and its dependency, CCK (content.module) must both be installed and enabled, as must the Embedded Media Field sub-module Embedded Video Field.

You must acquire a free Slideshare API in order for the embedding to function.

Drupal 7 development

At this time no Drupal 7 development is planned, as the world has largely moved on from Slideshare. Patches in the issue queue, however, are always welcome.


This project has been sponsored by:

  • Continuing Drupal 6 development. Rootwork develops websites and online strategy for nonprofits and social change.
  • Original Drupal 5 and Drupal 6 development. Nuvole is an international-minded company specialized in online communication through open-source tools. supported the original module development.

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