The Simple LDAP project is a set of modules to provide Drupal integration with an LDAPv3 server. It is an alternative to the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) module, with a much narrower focus, and a smaller feature set. The goal of the project is to provide very basic LDAP functionality which should cover most common use cases. Any edge case functionality or site-specific requirements can be implemented using a helper module.

Simple LDAP was developed against OpenLDAP, with testing against Active Directory. Most functionality should work with any LDAPv3 compliant server, but this is largely untested.

The Simple LDAP project consists of one main module, and three submodules.

Simple LDAP

This is the main module, on which all of the other modules are based. It provides an LDAP directory configuration interface and a low-level API for other modules to use to interact with the configured directory. It does not provide anything to Drupal on its own.

Simple LDAP User

This module allows authentication to the LDAP directory configured in the Simple LDAP module. It also provides synchronization services both to and from LDAP and Drupal. It supports mapping LDAP attributes to Drupal user object fields (both native, and using Field API).

Simple LDAP Role

This module allows Drupal roles to be derived from LDAP groups, and vice-versa. It is dependent on the Simple LDAP User module.


Simple LDAP SSO is a Single-Sign-On implementation that uses your LDAP server to authenticate each session. This submodule was contributed by James Sansbury of Lullabot

Simple LDAP was developed by Ben Chavet of Lullabot

Simple LDAP 2.x development sponsored by Techwell and completed by Sentai Digital.

Drupal 8

Development is currently under way for the Drupal 8 port. The initial version of the port will focus on read-only functionality.

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