This module is about the simplest way to get a Google Map, and/or a link to a Google Map, displayed with your content. It provides a field formatter for Drupal plain text fields (it can also be used on Computed Fields module fields). You enter an address that Google Maps can recognize in the field, and the formatter displays it as a dynamic map, a static map (without the ability to zoom/pan etc.), a link to Google Maps, or some combination.

If you want to do something more complicated than this, such as displaying location fields from multiple nodes on a map, see:

Installation and configuration

  1. Install/enable as any other module. No additional downloads are required, and you don't need a Google Maps API key.
  2. Add a plain Text field to your content type, taxonomy vocabulary, user accounts, comment type, or whatever. (Fields from the Computed Fields contributed module are also supported.) You probably should add some Help text to the field to explain that a one-line address that Google Maps can recognize needs to be entered, and that the output will be formatted with a map (or a link or both, depending on how you are using this field).
  3. On the Manage Display screen, choose the provided mapping formatter for your text field, and make sure the field is not Hidden.
  4. If desired, change the field display settings.
  5. After you have it all set up, make sure to click Save/Submit at the bottom of the Manage Display page.

You can also use this formatter to display the field in Views. Just add the field to your view, choose the map formatter, and set options as desired.

You can also override the display output of this formatter in your theme, by overriding the simple-gmap-output.tpl.php file in the usual way (in Drupal 8, the template file is templates/simple-gmap-output.html.twig).

Caveats and notes

  • Several users have experienced problems when attempting to embed a dynamic map display in a tab, collapsed field set, Panels, etc. This is due to bugs in Google Maps itself, and there is not anything that can be done about it in this module, unfortunately. For more information, see: #2166781: [meta] Display issues with Simple Google Maps.

Project information