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Simple Contest module provides contest system for Drupal websites.
for example, Best Design submission, Top contributor this week, etc.


  • contests are nodes. multiple contests of multiple contest type can be run same time
  • Two winner types : Users & Node, that means winners can be "user" or node"
  • multiple winners can be chosen by ranking/weight
  • Supports both automatic and manual winners selection
  • Winner chosen rule will be based on View. so it is up to you to decide how the winner will be selected
  • Modules integration with Views, Token, Rules, Userpoints, Date Repeat, Commerce Coupon, UC Gift Certificate & UC Coupon
  • Token integration and customized E-mail notifications


  • Token : [E-mail tokens Integration]
  • Views : [Contest winners selection]
  • Date : [Contest Date and repeat options]

Sub modules:

  1. Simple contest Userpoints: (Drupal 6 & 7)

    Provides user points module integration


    1. Userpoints
  2. Simple contest Rules: (Drupal 6 & 7)

    Provides events, conditions & actions for Rules module


    1. Rules
  3. Simple contest Commerce Coupon: (Drupal 7) new
    Integration with Commerce Coupon to create prize coupons for contest winners.


    1. Commerce Coupon
    2. User reference and Node Reference modules (sub modules of References) : Two reference fields will be created to simple contest coupon entity type to hold the contest node and winner user.

    Rules Integrated: This module provides a new default rule for coupon validation to make sure that the contest winners can only redeem his/her coupons.

  4. Simple contest Repeat: (Drupal 6 & 7)

    To create contests based on date repeat schedules
    D7 of Simple contest Repeat requires Date module 7.x-2.2 or greater.

  5. Simple contest UC Coupon: (Drupal 6)

    Optional Integration with Ubercart discount coupons (coupons will be created for winners)

  6. Simple contest UC Gift Certificate: (Drupal 6)

    Optional Integration with Ubercart Gift Certificate (Gift Certificates will be created for winners)


Suggestions &/ Issues welcome


Vinoth - Tamil Friends

Drupal 7?

Initial 'dev' version of simple contest module is just released. other sub modules are on the way.

Avialable for paid customizations.

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