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Service Links facilitates the adding of social networks links or javascript buttons within the content with a special focus on developers and themers interested to extend their number or customize their displaying. Built on Drupal for Drupal doesn't include commercial advertising or spying hidden code and doesn't require third part libraries.

The services included are various:, Digg, Facebook/Facebook Share/Facebook Like, Furl, Google Bookmark/Google Plus One, IceRocket, LinkedIn/Linkedin button counter, MySpace, Newsvine, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Twitter/Twitter widget, Yahoo Bookmark, and many more, they are split for language in different packages: basque, dutch, farsi, german, hungarian, italian, polish, russian, spanish, swedish.

Other services are availables to be included within an extra module which can be built easily through a web interface.


More features will arrive with the Service Links 3.x plan or backporting some of the features listed there to the 2.x version.

  • show links as text, image or both;
  • displaying for view mode, user roles, content type or taxonomy;
  • provide links on: node content, node link, block;
  • provide blocks for node and not-node pages;
  • sortable services through a drag'n drop table;
  • custom icons may be specified in a different folder;
  • browser bookmarking (work with Firefox, IE, Opera, Chrome);
  • support for short links (enhanced with Shorten Urls);
  • support for widgets (also known as dynamic or javascript buttons): Facebook Share, Facebook Like, Linkedin button counter (if you are using Linkedin with Drupal 6 read here), Google Plus One, Pinterest (only in dev), Twitter Button;
  • title tag used for build the link, can be override with a custom string including tokens (look to Token project);
  • support for icon sprites (through Service Links Sprites plugin);
  • support the page visibility as every block does;
  • provide two powerful APIs for print the whole set of selected services or a custom subset (look the documentation page) with the ability to override the default settings;
  • all the links are rendered as XHTML code.

External modules supported (you have to install them too)

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