This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Drupal Sentry is a centralized site-monitoring tool, to help watching over the health of all your sites. Install this (the server component) on the central server, and use the client on the sites you want to monitor.

After installation you can create 'sites' that hold essential information (update periodicity, site url etc). Be mindful that updates are triggered by cron, therefore they can only occur as frequently as the cron of your sentry server site (eg.: you can't poll your sites every half an hour if the cron for the server is set to once per day).

Documentation is in progress:

Provided plugins

  • Module status monitoring
  • Code change alert
  • Cron runs
  • Site response monitoring
  • SEO checklist (configuration and modules)
  • Performance checklist (configuration and modules)

The module is in development phase, so please be patient, report bugs, help us improve!

Suggestions to improve the developer documentation, or API are more than welcome.

Planned features

Unfortunately we are developing sentry in our free time, so implementation of these features will come slowly. Feel free to drop a feature request into the issue queue.

Monitoring plugins

  • General site status (configuration, setup validation: if files and tmp directories exist and are writeable/readable from web, is site online/offline, error reporting set to on screen, or log only)
  • Activity (new nodes, users etc, comments in approval queue, mollom status)
  • Memcache, varnish, nagios, solr monitoring


Other changes

  • Security: encrypt the XML-RPC message contents.
  • Change variables (e.g. remotely turning on cache)
  • Aegir integration

Please consider supporting the development by donating!

Developed by: KYbest, LongLake Studio and Freestyle Systems.

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