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Semantic Fields lets you add more logic to the output of the fields

Semantic Fields (formerly Semantic CCK in Drupal 6) was created to give users the abilility of customizing and enhancing the HTML output of a field. With Semantic Fields enabled, users can specify the HTML wrapper element and classes for:

  • The entire field
  • The labels -- above and inline
  • All field items
  • Each individual field item

This allows users to quickly create semantically rich and meaningful HTML markup for fields, such as:

  • Definition Lists
  • Ordered Lists
  • Unordered Lists

The user can also choose to remove all (or some) markup for any field.

By facilitating rich markup, Semantic Fields makes it easy for themers and developers to increase usability, accessibility and SEO performance of Drupal sites without resorting to field tpl overrides.

Exportable and support for Features

The settings for Semantic fields is exportable with ctools and presets could be exported with Features.

How to use

Please read the documentation.


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This module is sponsored by Wunderkraut.

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