This module provides integration with the Algolia service, through Drupal's Search API. This module is intended to be used by developers, as it does not currently provide any implementation of an actual search interface. Only indexing is currently supported. As a result, enabling that module will not have any visible effect on your application. Search functionality may be implemented using the Algolia Javascript API.

Currently supported:

  • initial indexing of node entities (see "Know problems")
  • re-indexing on node entities updates or through forced re-index action

Type of fields which have been successfully tested:

  • entity reference fields (either single or multivalued)
  • standard text fields containing either strings or integers (integer support is important for comparison functions in the search query)


This module requires the following modules:

This module also uses the following library:

Known problems

  • At the moment, the HTML filter (Index > Filters > Processors) with Tag boosts is not supported as it creates separate entries in the items tree. Please make sure that the "Tag boosts" text area is empty.
  • Only node entities are supported for now. Beta fix available: #2529526: Add tid to code
  • Standard multi-valued select fields are not indexed properly as both key and value are shown in the resulting indexed data.
  • "Clear all indexed data" button on the index page is not implemented yet, as it collided with normal indexing operations. To clear the index, please proceed from the Algolia dashboard.


Current maintainer: Matthieu Bergel (mlbrgl)

The initial development of this module has been sponsored by TroisCube.


This module requires an account on Algolia, where you will be able to generate the required Application ID and API key. A 14-day free trial period is granted with every new account.

Pricing options can be found on the Algolia website:

D8 version

Please follow this issue for updates on the D8 port. Thanks to beltofte for taking a stab at it!

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