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Utility functions for scholarly publications/content, e.g.

  • search, download, and attach PDF according to node title (+ field authors) or from field URL linking to PDF
  • rename attached PDFs according to title (+ other fields, e.g. year, author)
  • normalize concatenated author list field (lots of diverse variants to consistent Surname, Forname; Sur...)
  • split/join authors from/to concatenated/multiple field

Currently, you find the functionality in admin/content/node in the drop down list as well as partly in the menu next to 'edit'; also see admin/settings/scholarly

Related modules

cck content type definition for import (enable module content copy) via admin/content/types/import available, see cvs

currently assuming:

  • field_authors (concatenated) [used in: normalize (source and target); split (source)]
  • field_author (cck multiple values) [used in: split (target); pdf rename]
  • field_url [used in: get pdf]
  • field_year [used in: pdf rename]

Notes: plan to integrate pdfmeat; bibtex im-/export would be nice ...

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